Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lawmakers pay tribute to Miriam Santiago

A 'pillar' of PH politics

Most legislators at the House of Representatives consider her one of the "pillars" of Philippine politics, staunch in her defense of the country's sovereignty and revered for her campaign against corruption.

Lawmakers grieved over the passing of former senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

"I extend my deepest sympathies to the family of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. With her passing, we lost one of the country's most vocal and feisty defenders of our nation's sovereignty and national interest, as well as one of the most feared campaigners against corruption in government.

"We would also miss not only her trademark colorful language that stung foes and chastised incompetent officials, but also for her cutting intelligence and wit that endeared her to a horde of youthful followers.

"We will forever be grateful to Senator Santiago for dedicating her life to the service of our nation." - - Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, Davao del Norte 1st District

"We lost a pillar in the Senate. The passing of the senator and looking at her performance on the background of how she performed during all these years, it may be difficult to find somebody that can somewhat duplicate what she has done. A good reformist and fiscalizer, and somebody who did not take advantage of her position. Loyal and dedicated as a public servant." - Minority Leader Danilo Suarez, Quezon 3rd District

 The last man standing
"We join the nation in mourning the loss of a remarkable parliamentarian, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Her wit and humor will be truly missed. Our sympathies to the family." - Deputy Speaker Raneo Abu, Batangas 2nd District

"I join the whole nation in grieving the death of a dear and true friend and loyal ally, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

"Senator Miriam's life is the epitome of courage, brilliance, eloquence, dedication to public service and commitment to good governance. The Philippines has lost a truly outstanding and irreplaceable leader in Senator Miriam!

"I extend my deepest sympathies to Atty Jun Santiago, their children, and their whole family. She will be truly missed." - Deputy Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Pampanga 2nd District

"She is a great loss. With her sterling and exemplary performance as part legislature, legal mind, and leader, her departure to join her Creator has created a missing link, that finding a replacement is not an easy task." - Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro, Capiz 2nd District

"We mourn the passing of a giant cultural icon. She will be remembered not only for being an unparalleled legislator but for her meteoric personality, her acerbit wit, and deep intolerance for the stupid. Unlike many of her contemporaries, she managed to capture the idolatry of people from all ages, specially the young. Her appeal was age- and gender-proof. I continue to wish that someone, just even a 10th of her, were present in today's political circumstances. Typhoons have Yolanda. Politics has Miriam." - Deputy Speaker Romero Quimbo, Marikina City 2nd District

"It's a sad day for the Philippines. We have lost a brilliant stateswoman who has captured the hearts and the imagination of the Filipino people with her courageous yet witty remarks and ideas that helped shape and build our strong nation. She will be greatly missed. #WalaKangKatulad." Cristal Bagatsing, Manila City 5th District

"My family and I are saddened by the passing of Senator Miriam Santiago, whom I maintained a cordial relationship with through the years. I was also godfather to her son who passed away.

"Philippine politics will not be the same without the staunch and feisty Miriam. We will miss her intelligence, wit, and vast legal expertise, which she has shared as university professor and earned for the country the distinction of being the first Asian elected judge to the International Criminal Court.

"It was a privilege to have worked with Miriam and we thank her for her dedication to the country, having served well in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches ofour government.

"To Atty Jun Santiago and the rest of her family who fought this difficult cancer battle with her, my deepest sympathy and prayers." - Feliciano Belmonte Jr, Quezon City 4th District

"This end of an era of erudition, eloquence, and equanimity. Agree with her or not, her thoughts and her means of expression demanded respect." - Teddy Baguilat Jr, Ifugao

"We mourn the loss of a distinguished legal scholar and an exemplary public servant who [is] hard to come by in every generation. She will always be an inspiration for our youth and to us public servants." - Rodel Batocabe, AKO Bicol

"Maalala natin siya bilang isa sa pinakamahusay nating public servant. Napakatapang, napaka-vocal sa napakaraming issues, lalung-lalo na nakikita natin siyang isang inspiration sa paglaban para sa ating pambansang soberanya. Maaalala natin na isa siya na nanawagan para sa abolition ng mga ‘di pantay na kasunduan ng Pilipinas at ng Estados Unidos. Kaya naman ang mga kabataan ay gagawin siyang modelo at talagang inspirasyon sa pagpapatuloy ng laban para sa soberanya ng ating bansa, sa pagpapatuloy ng laban para sa ganap na kalayaan para sa bansa." - Sarah Elago, Kabataan

 respect due process
"Even as a young law student in Ateneo then, I am one of the biggest admirers of former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Her legal intellect is legendary among the young and idealistic, and this is the very reason why the core of her political support comes from the youth. When I entered public service, I came to know Senator Miriam as someone who does not only have a brilliant mind, but also someone who has a pure heart and one with unparalleled compassion to serve our people. I remained a big fan of Senator Miriam and despite our partisan divide, I continued to look up at her for giving life and color to our boring and mundane work as a legislators. Despite her demise, Senator Miriam's legacy will live forever. Her life will continue to inspire many young people like I was to work hard to serve our people and our nation." - Karlo Nograles, Davao City 1st District

"The people of Samar join the entire nation in mourning the passing of former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Even to a political neophyte like myself, Senator Miriam is an inspiration to do only what is good and what is right.

"She is one of the country's great political figures who worked hard to achieve excellence in all the tasks given to her in the field of public service.

"She will be sorely missed by the entire Philippines not only because of her witty punchlines but because of her selfless dedication to public service. Paalam, Senator Miriam." - Edgar Sarmiento, Samar

"Up to her last breath, former Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago showed to all of us the grit and the spirit of a true Ilongga. She fought her disease just like the way she fought to change the many wrongs in our present political system. Despite her passing, she is immortalized by everything that she stands for and everything that she did for the country. She will continue to inspire us to fight for what is right even of everybody else thinks otherwise. She will continue to be an Ilonggo pride." -Jerry TreƱas, Iloilo City

"Today is a sad day for the entire nation as we all grieve for the passing of one of the most iconic personalities in Philippine politics.

"Throughout Senator Miriam's entire political career, she has inspired so many Filipinos, especially the youth. Your wit and brilliance, which we all admired, will surely be missed. Senate proceedings wouldn't be the same without the presence of a feisty legislator like you.

"Thank you for your service to our country, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. May you rest in peace." - Sherwin Tugna, CIBAC

 Think before you speak
"My deepest sympathy to an illustrious congressional leader and member of the legal profession. She's a great loss to the nation." - Reynaldo Umali, Oriental Mindoro 2nd District

"Sad news. Senator Miriam will always be remembered as a fighter and advocate of our democracy. She's indeed a stateswoman!!! Her death is a big, big [loss] to the Filipino people. Our deepest condolences to her family!" - Vilma Santos-Recto, Lipa City 6th District

"Senator Santiago defined what a true statesperson should be – fierce but compassionate, strong-willed but gentle in spirit, a principled advocate that never compromises in the face of adversity. Her passing away is a great loss, especially during these troubling times when voices like hers will surely send shivers to the powers that be. I join the nation in mourning her passing." - Tom Villarin, Akbayan

"The Iron Lady is gone but she had a well-ironed place in our history as a respected jurist, executive bureaucrat, legislator, international law expert, and, of late, a master par excellence in 'hugot lines.' More importantly, though, she's an ally in the campaign against pork barrel and against onerous foreign treaties like the VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) and EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement). To paraphrase one of her hugot lines, 'Mahirap makipaglaro sa'yo ng taguan, because someone like her is hard to find. Requiescat in pace MDS!" - Carlos Isagani Zarate, Bayan Muna

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Think before you speak

SENATOR  Leila de Lima has a “friendly” and “unsolicited” advice to President Rodrigo Duterte: Think before you speak.

De Lima was initially hesitant to comment on the President’s latest outburst, this time directed at United States  President Barack Obama, noting how Duterte would not like to be lectured  on by other people.

“Di ba nga sinasabi niya na ayaw siyang line-lecturan. Ayaw siyang pinagsasabihan. So mahirap…kasi ayaw ngang line-lecturan, ayaw sinasabihan. So maybe, this is just a friendly advice, unsolicited advice,” she said in an interview at the Senate on Tuesday.

“Kailangan ho kasi tandaan ng ating mahal na Pangulo na Pangulo po siya, and therefore, anuman po ang lumalabas sa bibig niya ay kailangan pinag-iisipin muna nang husto, at hindi padalos-dalos, na nagiging policy yan and official statement,” she said.

De Lima, who also traded barbs with  Duterte over her alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trade,  reminded that  a statement of any  president or  leader of  a state would   be  reflective  reflective of  his or her country’s  foreign policy.

“And therefore, hindi pupuwede yung ganyang style na nambu-bully, offensive din ang language,”   she said.

“Because pag ganun po, sa tingin ko po…I know, baka na naman po siya magalit if I say this – that yung mga ganyan po na mga offensive, intemperate language, does not only demean himself, but it also demeans his office and even the country in the eyes of the world. So kailangan po doble-ingat.”
The senator was referring to  Duterte’s  reported warning against anyone who would lecture him about human rights and extra-judicial killings during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit in Vientiane, Laos.

“You must be respectful. You just don’t throw question and statements. Putangina, mumurahin kita sa forum na yan,”  the President was quoted in the media as saying, supposedly referring  to Obama.
His remark was believed to be the reason Obama called off  his scheduled meeting with him this Tuesday. Duterte later expressed regrets for his comment.

De Lima was almost certain  that such an  incident  would have “repercussions either immediately or in the near future.”

In fact, she said, she  already received  some text messages  from her  former classmates, who are now based in the US, supposedly saying that they were  already  being insulted  there  by Americans.

“It’s just an advice, Mr. President…I’m not imposing on you. I’m not lecturing sa inyo. And siguro po yung ganitong sentiment, I’m almost sure or pretty sure, is being shared by many,”  the senator added.


Monday, September 21, 2015


Her family could not vote for her and she's asking that we vote for her?
please share this sa inyong facebook !.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gov. Alfonso Umali Jr. sentenced 10 years in prison

The Sandiganbayan yesterday sentenced Oriental Mindoro Gov. Alfonso Umali Jr. to 10 years in prison for his involvement in a P2.5-million transaction made 21 years ago.
Aside from imprisonment, the anti-graft court disqualified Umali from holding public office and forfeited his retirement benefits.
Records showed that the transaction was made when Umali was provincial administrator.
Umali, along with former governor Rodolfo Valencia and former provincial board member Romualdo Bawasanta, were ordered to reimburse the provincial government P2.5 million. 
The charges against the respondents stemmed from a loan with the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), made under the name of the provincial government.
The Sandiganbayan said the respondents violated the Local Government Code when they used the money to repair, operate and maintain a boat owned by a private individual.
Valencia said they would appeal the decision.
He said that in 1993, the province was placed under a state of calamity after a series of typhoons left 149 people dead.
 “Because of the gravity and urgency of the situation, the provincial government applied for a loan with the LBP,” Valencia said.
He said the money was used to repair the ship in order to reach and help people in isolated areas.
Valencia said their political rivals criticized their action and charged them in court.
The decision was handed down by a Sandigan division previously chaired by dismissed Associate Justice Gregory Ong, who along with Associate Justices Oscar Herrera and Christina Cornejo, tried the case for 20 years.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trillanes allegations vs Binay all lies

Trillanes allegations vs Binay all lies
Rico Paolo Quicho, Vice President Binay’s new spokesman for political concerns, said yesterday Trillanes is again maliciously attempting to sow intrigue and sully the Vice President’s name in attacking the Home Development Mutual Fund.
Trillanes tries to influence public perception through his reckless and unfounded statements but would necessarily fail “because he has no credible proof to offer,” he said.
Quicho said Pag-Ibig has shown a good track record and performance under the leadership of the Vice President and its president Darlene Berberabe.
“Innuendos and surmises cannot be the substitute of the truth,” he said. 
“It is obvious that these are being done not in aid of legislation but in aid of election,” she said.
Vice President Binay is concurrent chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).
Binay said that her father was very careful in handling transactions within the Pag-Ibig Fund in light of past anomalies like the one involving Globe Asiatique.
Her father scrutinized all projects of Pag-Ibig, she added.
The latest allegations of Trillanes did not surprise her because of what she and her family had to go through last year with the Blue Ribbon subcommittee, Binay said.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Senator Franklin Drilon has been elected Senate President

Senator Franklin Drilon has been elected Senate President with a vote of 17-6.

President Aquino's Liberal Party has gained control of both houses of Congress as the President is due to deliver his State of the Nation address today.

He beat former Senate president Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

Enrile resigned in June following accusations of misuse of the Senate's funds and the failure of his son Cagayan Rep. Jack Enrile to win a Senate seat in the May elections.

In his speech, Drilon vowed to change the image of the Senate and craft laws that will have an impact on the lives of Filipinos, particularly the poor, and bring the Senate closer to the masses.

Sen. Ralph Recto was elected Senate President Pro Tempore while Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano is the new Senate Majority Leader.

Quezon City Rep. Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte retained his position as House Speaker.

He bested San Juan Rep. Ronaldo Zamora and Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez.

Rep. Neptali Gonzales is majority leader while Zamora is minority leader.

Drilon and Belmonte are both Vice Chairs of the ruling Liberal Party of President Aquino.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'Ghost Employees' file affidavits vs EdPam

Relatives of several barangay officials here submitted affidavits supporting the graft charges filed against Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan in relation to allegations of "ghost employees" at the City Government.

The four new complainants are Irene David, wife of Barangay Lourdes Northwest councilman William David; Joan Lozano, sister of Barangay Cutcut councilman Roy Ogurida; Marlene Coronel, wife of Barangay Salapungan councilman Renato Coronel, and Roberto Miranda, friend of Barangay Santo Domingo councilman Oliver Chaneco.

David, Lozano, Coronel, and Miranda were reportedly listed as
administrative assistants under the Philhealth Program of the Office of the Mayor and are supposedly receiving a salary of P500 daily.

But the four denied receiving the amount saying they have no knowledge about their inclusion in the City Government’s job order employees.

Barangay Margot council member Nenita Ferrer also signed a sworn statement to be included in the graft complaint.

Ferrer is reportedly listed in the job order appointments by the City Government as one of the Researchers in the Cultural Mapping Program for the period of July 1 to July 31, 2012 where she supposedly received P600 per day as salary.

Ferrer said she participated in the said program voluntarily and she only received an allowance of P400 for the entire duration of the program.

On October 19, 2012, Sanchez filed graft and corruption charges against Pamintuan, City Accountant Wilfredo Tiotuico, City Budget Officer Fe Corpuz, City Treasurer Juliet Quinsaat, and other department heads before the Office of the Ombudsman regarding the 2,506 job order appointments of the City Government under the Pamintuan administration.

The City Government is allegedly spending P240 million a year for the controversial 2,506 job order employees.

Pamintuan and company are being charged with Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service, Grave Misconduct, Violation of Section 3(e) and 3(g) of Republic Act 3019, otherwise known as Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and Violation of Article 217 (Malversation of public funds or property; Presumption of malversation) of the Revised Penal Code.

On December 5, 2012, Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon Adoracion Agbada ordered Pamintuan and the company to submit their Counter-Affidavit within a period of 10 days after the receipt of the letter.

By Reynaldo Navales