Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trillanes allegations vs Binay all lies

Trillanes allegations vs Binay all lies
Rico Paolo Quicho, Vice President Binay’s new spokesman for political concerns, said yesterday Trillanes is again maliciously attempting to sow intrigue and sully the Vice President’s name in attacking the Home Development Mutual Fund.
Trillanes tries to influence public perception through his reckless and unfounded statements but would necessarily fail “because he has no credible proof to offer,” he said.
Quicho said Pag-Ibig has shown a good track record and performance under the leadership of the Vice President and its president Darlene Berberabe.
“Innuendos and surmises cannot be the substitute of the truth,” he said. 
“It is obvious that these are being done not in aid of legislation but in aid of election,” she said.
Vice President Binay is concurrent chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).
Binay said that her father was very careful in handling transactions within the Pag-Ibig Fund in light of past anomalies like the one involving Globe Asiatique.
Her father scrutinized all projects of Pag-Ibig, she added.
The latest allegations of Trillanes did not surprise her because of what she and her family had to go through last year with the Blue Ribbon subcommittee, Binay said.

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