Monday, October 15, 2012

Cong. Carmelo Lazatin vows to end corruption in Angeles City

Pampanga first district Representative Carmelo Lazatin Sr. vowed to end corruption in the City Government and bring back the glory of Angeles City when he filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) last Friday.

Lazatin led his line-up, consisting of four candidates for councilor - Councilor Brian Nepomuceno, Carmelo Lazatin Jr., veteran newsman Maximo Sangil, and Lawyer Nino Enriquez.

The Lazatins, Sangil, and Enriquez will run in next year’s polls under the Lakas-CMD party while Nepomuceno will retain his original party, the Nationalists People’s Coalition.

Lazatin considered the filing of COC a historic event since he was joined by Nepomuceno, and parents Cutcut village chief Cecil Nepomuceno and former Pampanga vice governor and city councilor Robin Nepomuceno.

Robin Nepomuceno fought Lazatin in the 2001 and 2004 mayoralty elections.

The political stalwarts, the Lazatins and the Nepomucenos, have been rivals since the early 1930s.

Supporters of Team Lazatin gathered at the lawmaker’s office in Barangay Telabastagan and trooped to the Comelec office in Pulung Maragul last Friday prior to the filing of the COCs.

“Kailangan matigil na ang pangingikil at panggigipit ng administrasyong Pamintuan sa mga negosyante,” Lazatin said.

He said the team’s priority is to be transparent on all transactions, especially in procurements, biddings, and other projects.

“Kailangan masigurado natin na maging positibo ang cash availability ng siyudad. Hindi kamukha ngayon na as of September 11, 2012 ay negative P11 million ang cash flow ng city government,” Lazatin said.

He added that his administration will be business-friendly and will not impose any increase in real property and other business taxes for the next three years.

The congressman also said he will focus on creating more jobs and livelihood opportunities to Angeleños. He also pledged to implement a more comprehensive solid waste management and health programs.

Lazatin also pledged to improve the education system in the city by providing access to free college education, scholarship to deserving student, more teachers, and classrooms, books, and other needs.

Infrastructure projects will also be implemented in order to attract more business opportunities and investors, according to Lazatin.

He also mentioned his brainchild, the Local Urban Poor and Housing Affairs Office (Lupaho).

Lazatin also vowed to strengthen the capability of the city police in order to respond more quickly to crimes and other threats.

“Everyday is a People’s Day as services to every Angeleño will be available daily,” Lazatin said.

by: Ram Mercado

Monday, September 10, 2012

Undersecretary Rico Puno Conspiracy Tale

Puno has said he can work with Roxas, but can Mar work with Rico? Guess who may be behind the sordid tales being peddled against Puno?

Roxas’ first DILG announcement was that he considered all posts in the DILG as vacant. Really? Weren’t those manning these posts appointed by the President? Is an incoming DILG Secretary allowed to regard all posts previously appointed by the President vacant? Isn’t there any tenure in the civil service?

While Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Rico Puno is definitely a colorful character in the otherwise staid and conservative cabinet of PNoy, the conspiracy theories being floated against Puno are just too outlandish to be taken at face value. This is especially so, because it is a media conglomerate identified with newly appointed DILG Secretary Mar Roxas that broke the incredible story of a “break-in” allegedly engineered by Usec Rico.

Apparently, according to the scuttlebutt, Usec Rico, accompanied by officials and personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were poised to “ransack” the offices of the late Jesse Robredo two days after the latter’s plane crashed.

Earlier, Roxas himself set the rumor mill spinning when he “revealed” that the late DILG Secretary was secretly investigating Puno before Robredo’s plane crashed. The rumor mill then wondered whether Puno himself may have had something to do with the crash.

Putting one and one together, the insinuation is that Puno wanted Robredo out so that Usec Rico could take his place. Not only that but that Usec Rico also wanted to find the documents in Robredo’s offices and condominium unit that allegedly incriminated Usec Rico Puno.

One wonders if Usec Rico was amongst those identified by Sec Mar’s one and only, as among the “mga maliliit at maiitim na maligno” who wished the worst on Jesse Robredo.

Are we living a Robert Ludlum or Ian Fleming book or watching a Jason Bourne of James Bond movie in full color?

As undersecretary of the DILG, wasn’t Puno duty bound to secure the sensitive papers of the department after the crash? Wouldn’t he have been derelict in his duties had he not done so? What if anything went missing? Wouldn’t Puno then be damned for not securing these?

If the intention were to “ransack” as insinuated by the TV station which employs Roxas’ wife Korina Sanchez, why would Usec Puno bring along officials and personnel of the Philippine National Police? Why would the policemen even contact the lawyer of Robredo in the course of securing Jesse’s papers?

In fact, as reported by other media, Puno, Usec. Austere Panadero and PNP chief Nicanor Bartolome “agreed to secure the offices of Robredo” on the personal order of President Noynoy Aquino.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima also denied knowing of any attempt by Puno and his group to engineer an illegal “break-in” of the offices of Robredo at the DILG and the National Police Commission and his condo unit.

De Lima, who secured Robredo’s papers, was reported to have said that everything was in order before turning over the documents to Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa who took over Robredo’s post in an acting capacity.

Can we blame the hapless Puno for the crash? Hardly.

Robredo had earlier booked a commercial flight for Manila. Robredo made a spur-of-the-moment decision to charter the ill-fated plane to fly direct to Naga City from Cebu. How does one plan a plane sabotage on such short notice?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Roderick Paulate ghost employees

Councilors Roderick Paulate and Francisco Calalay Jr., and their aides have been ordered suspended by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales for allegedly hiring "ghost" employees in 2010.

According to the order that Morales signed, there is "strong evidence of guilt on the part of the respondents."

The Office of the Ombudsman said the two councilors endorsed the contractual employees and attested that they rendered service to the city. Investigators found, however, that "these fictitious personnel do not have birth records from the National Statistics Office, are not registered voters of Quezon City, have (not) secured NBI clearances, and are not known in the respective barangays where they allegedly reside or the indicated addresses where they purportedly reside do not exist."  

City councilors Paulate and Calalay, as well as their liaison officers Flordeliza Alvarez and Vicente Bajamunde, are facing charges of Serious Dishonesty, Gross Neglect of Duty, Grave Misconduct, Falsification of Official Documents, and Conduct Grossly Prejudicial to the Best Interest of Service.

The Office of the Ombudsman said that the councilors' endorsement "tend to show that they knowingly or willfully used their positions in placing under the employ of the local government of Quezon City, several ghost employees, and receiving their salaries, wages and other emoluments for their own personal gain."

The liaison officers allowed themselves to be used when they received the salaries meant for the "ghost" employees, the Office of the Ombudsman said. The four will be on preventive suspension without pay for six months.

The Office of the Ombudsman said in May that Paulate and Calalay disbursed a total of P3.3 million for 59 "job order personnel" from July to November 2010.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Terminologies used in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato C. Corona

Here is the glossary of terms as provided in the government website.

1. Betrayal of Public Trust
- … The term ‘betrayal of public trust’ as explained by Commissioner Romulo, is a catch-all phrase to include all acts which are not punishable by statutes as penal offenses, but nonetheless, render the officer unfit to continue in office. It includes betrayal of public interest, inexcusable negligence of duty, tyrannical abuse of power, breach of official duty by malfeasance or misfeasance, cronyism, favoritism, etc., to the prejudice of public interest and which tend to bring the office in to dispute.”
(Record of the Constitutional Commission, Proceedings and Debates, 272)
2. Judiciary Development Fund
Created by Presidential Decree No. 1949; a fund sourced from legal fees to augment the allowances of the members and personnel of the Judiciary and to finance the acquisition, maintenance, and repair of office equipment and facilities.
3. Malversation of Public Funds
According to RA 1060: Malversation of public funds or property. — Presumption of malversation. — Any public officer who, by reason of the duties of his office, is accountable for public funds or property, shall appropriate the same, or shall take or misappropriate shall consent, or through abandonment or negligence, shall permit any other person to take such public funds or property, wholly or partially, or shall otherwise be guilty of the misappropriation or malversation of such funds or property.
4. Prima Facie Evidence
Evidence that would, if uncontested, establish a fact or raise a presumption of a fact.
Prima facie is Latin for “on its face.”
5. Res Judicata
Latin for “the thing has been decided” and pertains to the principle that a final judgment of a competent court is conclusive upon the parties in any subsequent litigation involving the same cause of action.
Statement of Assets and Liabilities. Every public officer, after assuming office, and within the month of January of every other year thereafter, as well as upon the expiration of his term of office, or upon his resignation or separation from office, shall prepare and file with the office of the corresponding Department Head, or in the case of a Head of Department or chief of an independent office, with the Office of the President, or in the case of members of the Congress and the officials and employees thereof, with the Office of the Secretary of the corresponding House, a true detailed and sworn statement of assets and liabilities, including a statement of the amounts and sources of his income, the amounts of his personal and family expenses and the amount of income taxes paid for the next preceding calendar year: Provided, That public officers assuming office less than two months before the end of the calendar year, may file their statements in the following months of January.
7. Fair Market Value – Fair market value (FMV) is an estimate of the market value of a property, based on what a knowledgeable, willing, and unpressured buyer would probably pay to a knowledgeable, willing, and unpressured seller in the market.(wiki)
8. Assessed value-The value of an asset assigned by a public tax assessor for the purposes of taxation.
9. Zonal value -is the basis for computing the fair market cakue of the property and the computation of the internal revenue taxes. (source)
10. Evidence-in its broadest sense includes everything that is used to determine or demonstrate the truth of an assertion. Giving or procuring evidence is the process of using those things that are either (a) presumed to be true, or (b) were themselves proven via evidence, to demonstrate an assertion’s truth.
11. Exhibit – in a criminal prosecution or a civil trial, is physical or documentary evidence brought before the jury. The artifact or document itself is presented for the jury’s inspection.An exhibit may or may not be accepted as evidence.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Partidong Uliran – That’s Entertainment Coalition (PU-TEC)

In a press statement earlier today, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) announced that after an intensive deliberation and debate, they have decided to allow the formation of a new political party for the 2013 National Elections. The decision was unanimous and was thoroughly reviewed by a 5-man committee headed by COMELEC chairman Sixto Brillantes.

“I am proud to announce the formation of Partidong Uliran – That’s Entertainment Coalition (PU-TEC), a star-studded political party that will humbly serve the Filipino people,” said Chairman Emeritus German Moreno.

Moreno, more popularly known as Kuya Germs looked very proud standing behind a podium while delivering his speech outside the COMELEC office in Intramuros. Beside him was PU-TEC President Jackie Lou Blanco, Vice President Shirley Fuentes and PU-TEC Secretary John Nite.

According to the party’s spokesperson Mariz Rickets, they are still finalizing their senatorial slate for next year’s national elections. She admitted looking at other possible artists from other parties to complete their magic twelve. “Whether you are a kapuso, kapamilya, kapatid, kabarkada, kanews-tv or kaaktv, PU-TEC is the party for you,” she said.

Rickets refused to confirm nor deny reports that they are courting Parañaque City Councilor Alma Moreno, who is running for senator next year under Lakas-CMD (Christian Muslim Democrats).

PU-TEC Vice President Shirley Fuentes revealed that their party is not limited to senatorial candidates only, as the coalition also aims to have congressional, mayoral, and gubernatorial bets for key locations across the country. All from showbiz of course.

“Chairman Emeritus Kuya Germs has a political strategy where he will pair famous “love teams” from the past as a city’s Mayoral tandem,” revealed Fuentes. She described it as a win-win plan due to the fact that voters doesn’t want to see only half of a love team, hence they’ll be forced to vote for both.”

PU-TEC Secretary John Nite gave us a few examples of such tandem. Names listed below are for Mayor and Vice Mayor respectively:

  • Caselyn Francisco and Manolet Ripol – Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
  • Aljon Jimenez and Manilyn Reynes – Tacloban City, Leyte
  • Sheryl Cruz and Romnick Sarmienta – Makati
  • Cris Villanueva and Kristina Paner – TBA (to be announced)

Not to be outdone with the current administration’s Samar & Balay group, PU-TEC would also be comprised of not one, not two, but five groups in total. “Groupings are to be determined by their expertise and appeal”, said President Jackie Lou Blanco. She was quick to point out that the five groups would be working together and not try to outdo each other.
Chairman Emeritus Kuya Germs expressed optimism with the launch of his new party, saying that “this is a huge success for Philippine show business politics.”
When asked whether talent manager Annabelle Rama will join their party, Moreno was quick to point out that she is welcomed to do so. ”Syempre, bukas ang ating pintuan para sa kanya (Of course, our doors are open for her to join)”, said Kuya Germs. “Pero baka sa ibang group natin sya iassign, basta wag lang Thursday group  (But we might assign her to a different group, just as long as it’s not Thursday group).”

When asked to explain, he revealed that Nadia Montenegro, who is planning to run for office in her province; is already assigned to the Thursday group and assigning Rama to the same group might cause problems in the future. “Puwede siguro si Annabelle sa Monday group, katulad ng anak nyang si Ruffa dati ( Monday group might be suitable for Annabelle, as i i’s the same group as her daughter, Ruffa before).”
Kuya Germs admitted that he was saddened when Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno joined Vice President Jejomar Binay and Former President Joseph Estrada”s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) earlier this month. He clarified though that there was no bad blood between them.
Instead, the 68-year-old TV host turned political leader revealed that he is  grooming actor Jake Vargas to be the running mate of Maria Leonora Teresa Cabaltera Aunor, or more popularly known as THE Superstar, Nora Aunor, for the 2016′s presidential elections.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chief Justice Renato Corona guilty as charged

An overwhelming majority of Senators, 20-3, voted for the removal of Corona from office, most of them noting that the top magistrate no longer deserves his post. This makes Corona the first government official to be convicted by an impeachment court.

Senators Edgardo Angara, Alan Peter Cayetano and Pia Cayetano, Franklin Drilon, Francis Escudero, Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada, TG Guingona, Gringo Honasan, Panfilo Lacson, Lito Lapid, Loren Legarda, Sergio Osmena III, Kiko Pangilinan, and Koko Pimentel, Ralph Recto, Bong Revilla, Tito Sotto, and Antonio Trillanes, Manny Villar, and presiding officer Juan Ponce Enrile all have voted for Corona's conviction.

Senators Joker Arroyo, Miriam Santiago, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., meanwhile voted for Corona's acquittal.

"The Senate, sitting as an impeachment court, having tried Chief Justice Renato Corona, upon three articles of impeachment charged against him by the House of Representatives, by a guilty vote of 20 senators, has found him guilty of the charge under Article II.

"Now therefore, be it adjudged that Renato Corona, is hereby convicted of the charge against him in Article II of the Articles of impeachment, so ordered," Enrile added.

Enrile also said as he explained his vote, "there is deliberate act of excluding substantial assets."

"This is not justice, political or legal. Certainly not the is only naked power, as it was in 1972," however said Arroyo as he defended his vote.

Each senator was given two minutes to explain their votes while as presiding officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile was last to vote.

Corona was impeached by the House of Representatives in December after 188 congressmen signed the impeachment complaint.

From the original eight, the prosecution team reduced its complaint to three articles of impeachment.

Senator Lito Lapid delivered best explanation

Enrile said he picked Lapid’s speech as his favorite because it was “very simple.”

“Lito Lapid. Very simple. He believed in Rudy Farinas. You must give credit to Rudy, the way he exposed the issues, very graphic, very simple. It could be understood by the hoi polloi,” the senate president said in an interview with ANC on Wednesday.

Who needs highfalutin words and legalese? Because for Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, it was Senator Lito Lapid who delivered the best explanation of vote in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Lapid was among the 20 senators who voted for Corona’s conviction. He was the only one who had no speech prepared.

"Bilang high school graduate po, sa ating mga kababayan, anong sasabihin ni Lito Lapid na hindi marunong mag-Ingles, na hindi kaalaman sa batas, ano kaya ang magiging desisyon? Didisisyunan po ng katas-taasang hukom na isang high school graduate lang at taga probinsya ng Pampanga," Lapid said in his explanation of vote.

The action star-turned-politican has long been criticized for his inability to speak straight English. He is however a favorite by the masses.

"Kaya noon pong nagsasalita si Chief Justice Corona, nagsusumbong sa taumbayan, awang-awa po ako sa kanya. Akala ko totoo ang sinasabi niya. Hindi pala," Lapid said in his speech.

And like Lapid, Enrile said it was prosecutor Ilocos Norte Rep. Rudy Farinas who convinced him that Corona is guilty of the charges.

Farinas presented the alleged inaccuracies of Corona’s testimonies during the closing argument of the prosecution team.

Lapid was one of the most anticipated senators on Tuesday as his name trended on social networking sites even before it was his turn to explain his vote.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CJ Corona Impeachment Trial May 22, 2012 Full Script

Anyway, below is a full script of what has happened on todays CJ Corona Impeachment Trial May 22, 2012. It’s quite long, but it is time stamped.

CJ Corona has finally appeared and took the trial stand today, May 22, 2012. CJ Corona had a long introduction and opening statement just to say he is not guilty. Unfortunately, at around 5 PM, he signed a waiver to waive his right of Secrecy of Bank Deposits, allowing the banks to disclose all his assets both foreign and local.

  • 2:01: Trial resumes.
  • 2:02: Sen. Ralph Recto led the opening prayer
  • 2:03: Roll call is being held.
  • 2:04: All 23 Senator-Judges are present.
  • 2:05: Prosecution and Defense entered their appearances.
  • 2:07: JPE: I would like to remind all of us, members of the Senate that we are not conducting this inquiry in aid of legislation. We are receivers of evidence. We are not an inquisitorial court.
  • 2:08: JPE: With that in mind, this court cannot issue subpoena to certain persons to act as witnesses (referring to bank managers of banks mentioned in the 17 page AMLC report)
  • 2:09: JPE denies the motion to call witnesses motu proprio to testify in this proceeding.
  • 2:09: On Harvey Keh contempt. He filed compliance on May 18 and prayed that he not be cited in contempt.
  • 2:11: JPE: In view of the apology given by the gentleman cited and in the spirit of liberality, this court simply admonishes the person concerned never to try his luck again.
  • 2:11: Session suspended for 1 minute.
  • 2:13: JPE: Before we administer the oath to the Chief Justice, the members of the court is respectfully requested by this chair to observe the 2 minute rule, limit their question to questions of fact and to help in orderly proceedings in this trial. Should any member of this require more time, an extension will be allowed for him or her.
  • 2:14: JPE: We finish with the direct exam and the cross exam of the prosecution and if there is any redirect, let it be done and if there is any re-cross, let it be completed before any members of this impeachment court ask question.
  • 2:15: JPE: I would like to request the gallery to observe straight decorum.
  • 2:18: JPE: Mr. Chief Justice, welcome to the impeachment court.
  • 2:21: Cuevas: It is his belief that insofar as his cross exam, the rules of evidence say, he may only be crossed examined in matters taken in the direct.
  • 2:23: Cuevas told the Impeachment Court that the Chief Justice opted to appear because of their oath to be impartial. JPE thanked Cuevas for reminding and he assured that the Senators can render impartial justice.
  • 2:24: JPE: Insofar as judging this case, we will judge this case based on evidence of the prosecution and defense.
  • 2:26: Private Prosec. Bautista: There has been never any compulsion for the CJ to testify.
  • 2:27: Prosec. Mario Bautista said he disagrees with Justice Cuevas view on the rules of evidence.
  • 2:29: CJ Corona asked that he be allowed to make a statement.
  • 2:31: CJ: Ako po ay nandito sa impeachment court na ito upang tumupad sa aking pangako na ako ay magpapaliwanag ng lahat. kailangan po sigurong tanungin ng sambayanan kung bakit tayo nagkaka-impeachment trial na ito. Hindi naman po kaila sa lahat na ginamit na ng administrasyon ang buong makinarya ng gobyerno sa akin. Ibinuhos na po ang buong pwersa ng pamahalaan para lang sa pagtanggal ng isang tao. Wag tayong maniwala na itong impeachment trial na ito ay laban sa katiwalian dahil kung ganon din lamang mayroon ba silang katiwaliang ibinintang sa kin sa kabila ng pagkakalkal at paghaharap ng huwad na ebidensya, wala pong ibinibintang sa akin na katiwalian.
  • 2:32: CJ Corona: Ako po ba ay tinik sa lalamunan ng sinuman? So far, lahat ng nakita ko rito mula ng simula ng trial na ito ay hatred, galit, benggansya sa isang tao. Kailan po ba tayo matututo? Sa kabuuan ng kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, ganito ang nangyayari. Tama na ang pagkakawatak watak ng sambayanan.
  • 2:34: CJ Corona: Sa ating administrasyon ng hindi po lahat ng hindi kaalyado ay kalaban. Hindi porket hindi magkapareho ng kulay ay hindi Pilipino. Bakit po ba ganito na lang ang galit sa kin ng kasalukuyang administrasyong Aquino. Ano ba ang kasalanan ko. Wala akong kasalanan sa pagkakaalam ko kaya ako ay buo ang loob na humaharap sa inyo. Sigurado ako wala akong kasalanan, wala akong katiwalian at ako ay hindi nagnakaw sa gobyerno.
  • 2:36: CJ Corona: I will not drag my family dito sa impeachment na ito kung sa loob ko, may katiting na dahilan may duda sa sarili ko ay may ginaway akong masama. Hindi ko po itataya ang aking napakabait na may bahay aking tatlong anak at mga apo. Kung ako ay may kasalanan, ako ay nagbitiw na sa tungkulin. Malinis po ang aking konsensya…uulitin ko po malinis po ang aking konsensya. Malinis ang konsensya ng aking pamilya.
  • 2:36: JPE interrupts. Kami po ay naghihintay na sabihin ang inyong pakay sana.
  • 2:37: CJ Corona: Ito pong aking sinasabi ngayon ay pinatutungkol ko ay hindi lamang sa kagalang galang na impeachment court kundi sa sambayanang Pilipino. Kaya po ako ay nandito at nagpapaliwanag.
  • 2:38: CJ Corona: Kalbaryo po ang pinagdadaanan namin. Hindi po madali ang limang buwang pinagdaanan…Sa kabila ng pagbabanta ng kahihiyan, malakas po ang loob ko sapagkat malinis po ang aking konsensya. Iisa lang po ang paliwanang d’yan, walang katotohanan at pawang kasinungalinan.
  • 2:39: CJ Corona mentions a senator: Huhubaran nya raw ako sa publiko.
  • 2:40: CJ Corona: Kung ako ay nagbitaw na sa tungkulin, nangangahulugan non, umatras ako sa laban, nanalo na ang kabila without having to prove anything. Hindi po ganito ang aking kinalakhan.
  • 2:41: CJ Corona: Bakit po ba pondo po ba ito ng bayan? Ito po ba ay kinurakot ng punong mahistrado (about his alleged ill-gotten wealth) Iisa lang po ang sagot namin d’yan, Hindi po. Uulitin ko po: Hindi po.
  • 2:42: CJ Corona: Lahat ng aming naipundar ay dahil sa aming pagsisikap. Bago po ako nagsilbi sa gobyerno, ako ay isang matagumpay na abogado na. Hindi tulad ng pinalalabas ng prosekusyon na ako ay kung sinu-sino lamang sa tabi tabi d’yan na bigla na lang yumaman.
  • 2:43: CJ Corona: Simple po lamang ang aming pamumuhay, hindi po kami namuhay ng luho. Lahat ng nakakakilala sa amin ang makakapagsabi kung gaano kasimple ang aming buhay.
  • 2:44: CJ Corona: Binaboy nila ang proseso ng saligang-batas para yurakan ang aking pagkatao.
  • 2:46: Lead Prosecutor Niel Tupas now sat beside Private Prosecutor Mario Bautista.
  • 2:46: CJ Corona: Kaisa ako na panagutin ang may kasalanan.
  • 2:48: CJ Corona: Ito lang po ang tanong ko sa bayan at sa prosekusyon, kung talagang malakas ang inyong kaso, bakit ninyo kailangang magimbento ng ebidensya? Bakit kailangan ng black propaganda? Bakit kailangang humantong sa madumi at masakit na paraan. Naway wag na itong maulit.
  • 2:49: Bautista interrupts the Chief Justice.
  • 2:49: Bautista said it is highly irregular.
  • 2:50: JPE said his understanding is that the CJ is making a statement which will be a part of his direct testimony.
  • 2:51: CJ Corona: Ginoong Prosecutor Kausap ko po ang taong bayan. Hayaan nyo po ako na kausapin ang taong bayan.
  • 2:51: Corona mentions Hacienda Luisita as the primary reason why he is being impeached.
  • 2:55: JPE asked CJ Corona how many more minutes he has. The CJ said the country needs to know who he is and to correct the black propaganda against him and his family.
  • 2:58: CJ Corona said they were able to save money because of their simple lifestyle.
  • 2:58: CJ Corona already on the verge of tears.
  • 2:59: Cuevas asked at least 2 minute break.
  • 3:05: 2 minute break granted.
  • 3:11: JPE allowed CJ Corona to finish his statement.
  • 3:11: CJ Corona: Papasok na po ako sa mga bagay at issue na hinihintay ng sambayanan.
  • 3:13: CJ Corona: Several trial dates ago, merong testigo dito nagsiwalat ng bagay bagay tungkol sa Basa-Guidote. Ang dahilan kung bakit wala kaming hilig maginvest sa properties at mahilig kaming mag-invest sa foreign exchange.
  • 3:14: CJ Corona: May isang hearing dates tayo na kung ano anong masamang adjective ang naipukol sa aking maybahay. Hindi po ninyo maiintindihan yan kung di ko maibibigay ang background sa hidwaan sa pamilya ng aking maybahay
  • 3:15: CJ Corona: Ang pinakamalaking hidwaan ay ang 2 hectare doon sa Libis, malapit sa Eastwood.
  • 3:17: CJ Corona: Noong araw, ang titulo ng lupang yan, ang presyo conservatively ay P2 billion. Noon ito ay nasa pangalan ni Jose Basa III at nong aking mother-in-law Asuncion Basa-Roco. Hindi po namin malaman kung pano napagissue si Mr. Jose Basa ng titulo doon sa property na iyon at nakapagpa issue at nawala ang pangalan ng aking mother-in-law. Yan ang isang napakalaking dahilan sa hidwaan ng pamilyang yan. Dahil sa matinding samaang loob. Nawala ang kalahating share ng mother-in-law ko. Ang problema kasi sa pamilya nila, napakayaman pero ang kanilang ari-arian ay nakatali sa property.
  • 3:17: CJ Corona: Alam naman nating mga abogado, pag kayo nagpamana ng property, maraming beses, away.
  • 3:19: CJ Corona: yan ang pinagsisimulan ng mga kaso-kaso. Five months na po kaming ininsulto ng walang tigil sa isang pahayagan kung bakit ganun kaswapang ang aking maybahay. Hindi po wala pong katotohanan yan. Hindi po si Mr. Jose Basa ang inapi. Sya ang nang api sa aking mother in law.
  • 3:20: CJ Corona: Kami po ay tumahimik lamang. Bakit kami walang imik? Sapagkat yung tao ay patay na pero ngayon, mapipilitan akong isiwalat sa taong bayan ang katotohanan. Maliban sa pagkaka issue ng bagong titulo, si Mr. Basa po, I am sorry to say this, pero kailangang malaman ng bayan, wala po syang trabaho eh. Buong buhay po spoiled brat, kung may kailangan takbo kay Lola Charing.
  • 3:21: CJ Corona: Ang natira pong property sa matanda ay yung property sa Sampaloc na pati yon ay gustong ibenta ni Mr. Jose Basa.
  • 3:23: CJ Corona: Mawalang galang na po pero ang tanong nyo bakit parang napaka tuso ng aking asawa…
  • 3:24: CJ Corona: Pinasalaysay ko sa aking anak na si Carla kung ano ang nangyari.
  • 3:24: CJ Corona reads letter of Carla.
  • 3:24: “The auction complied with the requirements of the law. Mommy went to Quezon city with lawyers.”
  • 3:27: CJ Corona reading the letter: The risk of buying shares of Basa-guidote was explained to me.
  • 3:29: CJ Corona explains the conflict in the Basa-Guidote family.
  • 3:29: CJ Corona reading Carla’s letter: My mother (Cristina) was very careful not to use my Dad’s influence.
  • 3:30: CJ Corona on the letter: If my mother would use my…
  • 3:30: …Dad’s influence, would these cases be pending for 20 years?”
  • 3:31: The letter of Carla Corona-Castillo said several cases are still pending.
  • 3:32: CJ Corona: Now who is oppressing whom. My mother was the victim of a very grievous crime.
  • 3:32: CJ Corona still reading the letter: Jose Ma. Basa and Raymunda fled the country.
  • 3:34: Carla said she knows about the cases about the shares of stock. She said she knows the risk that is why she is only willing to spend only up to P50,000 to buy the shares.
  • 3:36: Carla, in her letter said “after weighing the pros and cons decided to invest my money. I told my mom that I am willing to spend as high as P50,000…There was nobody else who showed up at the auction. I cannot stress enough that there was a great risk…No one else wants to sink in their money in such a corporation.
  • 3:36: Carla said “I was also told that the lower my bid, it would be easy for Jose Basa to redeem my bid…but they did not.”
  • 3:37: Carla said “it was only fair that mommy be paid of damages.”
  • 3:38: JPE: Asked what names were used? Corona: Sa pagkakaalala ko po, nakagulang, nakaisa.
  • 3:39: JPE said he only asked if Mrs. Corona objected because the judgment was P500,000 and there is the P34 million.
  • 3:40: JPE: Then at least the bid price would be half a million. But I understand, in order to be fair to everybody, the sheriff said the valuation of shares was provided by Mrs. Corona. What I said was did Mrs. corona raise any objection.
  • 3:41: CJ Corona: Gusto ko sana magkasundo sundo sila pero di ko na kayang pagkasundu sunduin sila.
  • 3:42: CJ Corona said seeing the conflict in buying properties, they have decided to invest in foreign exchange.
  • 3:42: CJ Corona: At para mas madali po hati hatiin pag may mangyayari sa amin. idi-divide lang po into three.
  • 3:44: JPE: This issue of ill-gotten wealth was not provided by the prosecution, it was provided by your own lawyers who presented a witness here to testify on the totality of the income of your family.
  • 3:45: JPE: There is no issue of ill-gotten wealth here. The simple issue here is inclusion or exclusion of your SALN.
  • 3:46: JPE: So for the introduction of evidence regarding wealth that is dishonestly acquired will bring back into the picture para. 2.4.2 of the Articles of Impeachment which we already granted to be suppressed as far as introduction of evidence is concerned.
  • 3:46: JPE cautioned CJ Corona that he will be opening himself for cross examination if he will continue discussing alleged ill-gotten wealth.
  • 3:47: CJ Corona opted to proceed.
  • 3:48: CJ Corona calls the list of 45 properties as exaggerated and a fraud.
  • 3:48: CJ Corona: Pati po ako ay nagulat.
  • 3:50: CJ Corona: Wala po akong 45 properties. Lilima lang po at lahat ay nakadeklara sa aking SALN. Wala po akong tinago na ari arian na hindi ko nilagay sa aking SALN. Kahit na ang binabatikos sa aking SALN. Kahit binabatikos ako bakit di ko nilagay ang acquisition cost, nakalagay naman po ang aking asset. It is something that I am not hiding because it can be checked anytime.
  • 3:50: CJ Corona: Hindi ko naman alam ang fairmarket value ng kasalukuyan.
  • 3:51: CJ Corona: Maaaring hindi tugma pero at least ina-update po ito periodically ng assessor.
  • 3:53: CJ Corona now talks about alleged properties abroad.
  • 3:53: CJ Corona: Galing sa isang pekeng manunulat na nagpapanggap na isang journalist.
  • 3:55: CJ Corona: Nung pinatawag namin si Ombudsman, hati po ang nagmamagandang loob sa amin, may nagsabing tila nagkamali yata kayo sa pagpatawag sa kanya. Mayron ding nagsasabi na tamang ipatawag si Omb. Conchita Carpio-Morales. Ako po naniniwala na tama ang pagpapatawag namin kay Ombudsman Morales. Sabi ni Ombudsman ako raw po ay may $10-12 million dollars sa 82 bank accounts.
  • 3:57: CJ Corona: Ewan ko lang po kay Ombudsman Morales baka sya mayroon. Ako ay nagulat sa sinabi ni Ombudsman Morales lalu na nung sya ay may power point presentation. Ito pong AMLC report ay hindi po authenticated, walang predicate crime, walang imbestigasyon, walang court order, walang notice sa depositor. Clearly it came from a polluted source. Tumawag po ako ng team ng accountants upang pagaralang ang listahan na winagayway ni Ombudsman Morales at maliwanang po na ang kanyang testimony is misrepresentation.
  • 3:58: CJ Corona asked Senate if he can use powerpoint presentation.
  • 3:58: JPE granted.
  • 3:58: JPE suspends session for one minute to prepare.
  • 4:20: The powerpoint presentation is entitled “The Lantern”
  • 4:21: CJ Corona said he will use the own diagram of the Ombudsman.
  • 4:22: JPE: Since the Honorable CJ, if there is any objectionable portion, you may raise your objection and the court will consider your objection.
  • 4:25: Bautista said part of the testimony of the Chef Justice is hearsay and irrelevant.
  • 4:26: Bautista denounced the allegation of the Chief Justice.
  • 4:26: Bautista: To cast aspersions on my team is unfair.
  • 4:26: JPE said they will consider what is relevant, irrelevant.
  • 4:30: CJ Corona: A careful analysis of the AMLC report show that many of these accounts were already closed and many were transferred to settlement accounts. Each time a time deposit would mature and rolled over, a new account would be created to make a new placement to earn higher interest and would be transferred from one account to another to earn more interest. I repeat, ladies and gentlemen, inuulit ko po wala akong 82 bank accounts as charged by the Ombudsman. The alleged AMLC report would show 4 accounts by December 2012. for example in BPI Acropolis, all accounts were closed as early as 2004 and transferred to BPI Tandang sora and PS Bank Cainta.
  • 4:32: CJ Corona: For BPI Tandang Sora, the accounts were closed in 2007 and transferred to BPI San Francisco Del Monte and Cainta. The same goes BPI San Francisco Del Monte, accounts closed in 2011. The last was account no 3244108104 BPI Mic was sourced from BPI San Francisco Del Monte acct was closed on Dec. 19, 2011 and transferred to 3244108104.
  • 4:34: CJ: All accounts in PS bank Cainta were closed in 2008 and transferred to PS Bank katipunan…
  • 3. PS Bank accounts- 0141024292 and 0131002826
  • 2. Allied Bank with account no. 1582002676
  • 1. BPI San Francisco Del Monte Branch with account no. 3244108104;
  • 4:36: CJ Corona said remaining dollar accounts are:
  • 4:39: CJ Corona: ang sumatotal ng aking deposits ay malayong malayo sa $10 million. Ang exchange rate po nung nag umpisa kaming magipon nitong mga foreign exchange na ito noong late 60s ay nasa 2 to 1. Nung ako ay nagsimulang magtrabaho 1968. Kung matatandaan po ninyo noong matapos ang 1969 Presidential elections, hanggang noong Dec. of Nov. 1969 ang exchange rate po ay 2 to 1 at nag devalue tayo sa floating rate from 2 to 1 naging 6 to 1.
  • 4:40: CJ Corona: Lahat po ng savings namin ay pinalitan namin sa US Dollar. Bakit? Dahil wala kayong lugi sa US dollar dahil ito ay stable kung ikukumpara sa pesos. Ikaw ay liquid.
  • 4:41: CJ Corona: Dahil halos di namin nagagalaw ng interes dahil ako naman po ay may trabaho, lumago po ng lumago ang aming investments.
  • 4:43: CJ Corona: Wala akong ninakaw kahit isang kusing. Wala akong ninakaw kahit isang pera (he looked at the prosecution)
  • 4:44: CJ Corona: Bakit wala sa SALN ko? Dahil may batas po na naggagarantiya ng confidentiality ng dollar deposits. Di ito kailangan dahil sa batas. This is an absolute rule.
  • 4:45: CJ Corona: Kung ako ay may tinago, hindi ko ito ilalagay sa pangalan ko.
  • 4:46: JPE: Yung dollar deposits earning interest or are you engaged in buying and selling. CJ said compounded interest.
  • 4:46: CJ Corona said he only have 3 (three) local deposit accounts in pesos.
  • 4:52: CJ Corona: Bakit di ko dineklara ito sa SALN ko? Sapagkat ito ay commingled funds. Ito ay proceeds sa pagbili sa Basa-Guidote property. Ito ay kumita ng interest anjan din po yan. Noong 1990, ng ang aking ina ay na-diagnose na may colon cancer, inihabilin po nya ang bank accounts nya sa akin. Ikaw na ang bhala sa pagbayad sa mga doktor ko, pagoospital ko, lahat ng funeral expenses ko. Nanjan din po ang utos ng aking ina na kung may matitira pagtapos mabayaran ang kanyang mga doktor, hospital bills, at funeral expenses, ang natitira po ay pangangasiwaan ko para kung sino man ang mangangailangan for any emergency at ito ay nagkatotoo sapagkat ang aking nakatatandang kapatid, ang aking Kuya toti si Arturo, 2 years ago ay nagkasakit sa puso, matagal na syang di nakakapagtrabaho dahil sya ay sakitin, maliban sa kanyang sakit sa puso, sya ay may scoliosis. He is in constant pain, Dito ko po kinukuha dahil di na po sya nakakapagtrabaho. Dito po kinukuha ang binibigay ko sa kanya tuwing buwan, mga gamot nya at nung sya ay naconfine sa Medical City na halos P1million nagastos namin ay dito kinuha. Anjan din po ang interest. Pera po ng aking anak na si Carla at Francis na kino-mingled jan para mas makakuha ng interest. Pati po ang pera ng aking anak na si Charina para mapagpagawa ang bahay nya sa McKinley Hill.
  • 4:52: CJ Corona sheds tear as he talked about his mother.
  • 4:54: CJ Corona: i have come here to disclose information regarding these accounts especially the dollar accounts.
  • 4:55: CJ Corona said why he did not declare his dollar accounts in his SALN is not his own doing but it was the law.
  • 4:56: CJ Corona: The inaccuracies in my SALN do not constitute an impeachable offense. Not every omission is an impeachable offense. The prosecution itself admitted here, the inaccuracy in SALN is not impeachable, not high crime. Corona sites Senate TSN of trial on February.
  • 4:58: CJ Corona: I have here with me a waiver which I will sign right now.
  • 5:01: CJ Corona reads his waiver he just signed: I Renato Corona hereby waive my right of Secrecy of Bank Deposits…and authorized all banking institutions to disclose to the public any and all bank documents pertaining to all peso and foreign currency accounts under my name. I hereby authorize the BIR, AMLC, SEC and LRA to disclose to the public any and all information that will show my assets, liabilities, networth, business interest and financial connections to include those of my spouse. I am likewise authorizing the Clerk of Court en banc to release to the public my SALN from the years 2002 to 2011. With God and the Filipino people, I affix my signature.”
  • 5:03: CJ Corona: I am humbly asking 188 complainants and Sen, Drilon to join me in the moment of truth. I am asking them to sign these blank forms to join me sapagkat hiling po ito ng bayan. The nation is at a stand still. Our people are watching all of us.
  • 5:04: CJ Corona: This is not trick or manipulation but a challenge to public accountability.
  • 5:05: CJ Corona said if anyone declined to sign the waiver, they have upheld the secrecy of bank deposits.
  • 5:07: CJ Corona said he will only submit his waiver if all he has invited will submit the waiver. “Otherwise, I will ask my counsel to rest my case.”
  • 5:08: CJ Corona asked that he be excused and walked out of the Senate Session Hall.
  • 5:11: Cuevas said there is no intention to disrespect the Impeachment Court. He said the CJ is taking his medicines. The crowd booed. JPE warns the crowd to observe proper decorum or they will be escorted out of the Senate session hall.
  • 5:14: Defense frantic.
  • 5:15: Atty. Ramon Esguerra on the phone inquiring about the Chief Justice.
  • 5:16: Senator Franklin Drilon shaking his head now talking to Sen. Osmena.
  • 5:19: Justice Cuevas now back at the Senate Session hall.
  • 5:24: Defense counsel German Lichaoco is talking to Sen. Angara.
  • 5:30: Defense Lawyer Ramon Esguerra said the Chief Justice’s blood sugar went down. A doctor is checking him up right now.
  • 5:31: The Chief Justice and his family is at the Senate’s Lounge. A wheelchair was also brought inside.
  • 5:43: CJ Corona is being taken to the clinic on a wheelchair.
  • 5:47: Defense Lawyer Tranquil Salvador: No lunch for hours. Umatend pa sya ng misa.
  • 5:56: Defense team in a huddle.
  • 6:02: CJ Corona returns to the Senate Session Hall on a wheelchair.
  • 6:02: He has also removed his coat.
  • 6:02: Session resumed.
  • 6:03:JPE: You placed the Chief Justice on the witness stand.
  • 6:03:JPE: I will order the striking off of his testimony.
  • 6:04: Cuevas: After the testimony I was about to make a manifestation I never realized he was already feeling dizzy.
  • JPE: He is the Chief Justice, he knows the decorum.
  • 6:04: Cuevas: I would like to assure the court that there was no intention.
  • JPE: We did not volunteer to be judges here. We are here on mandate from the Filipino people. I have high respect for the Chief Justice and the institution that he represents and I equally demand respect to the institution that I represent.
  • 6:05: Cuevas: Hinihingi po namin ang inyong kapatawaran.
  • 6:06: JPE: If he will not allow himself to be cross examined. We will allow ourselves to judge this case based on the evidence presented.
  • Cuevas: Nagpanic na din po ang pamilya. Sinabi ko nga na sana kahit isa sa inyo nagsabi.
  • 6:07: JPE: Why did you not stop your client.
  • 6:07: JPE: Marami sa kin ang pumupuna dahil pinabayaan ko na magsalita ng napakahaba. Wag naman kaming babastusin.
  • 6:08: Cuevas: Ang tingin ko po nagpanic na din ang pamilya.
  • Cuevas: Ipagpapatuloy ang pagtestigo.
  • 6:08: JPE: Para wala ng mahabang usapan, ano ba ang gusto nyo.
  • 6:09: Cuevas: Nakikiusap kami kahit po bukas.
  • JPE: Kung hindi po ayos. We will give him until tomorrow to return. If he will not return, we will consider this case submitted for decision.
  • 6:09: Cuevas: Bukas po kung ayos na sya.
  • 6:10: JPE asked the impeachment court if they will agree. No senator gave a statement. Sen. Sotto said there was no objection.
  • 6:10: JPE: We will give him until tomorrow. What he said is nothing unless he is cross examined.
  • 6:13: Session adjourned.
  • 6:13: Trial will resume on Wednesday.
  • 6:14: Chief Justice will be subject to cross examination on Wednesday.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Impeachment of Renato Corona

Renato Corona, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines was impeached on December 12, 2011. Corona was the third official, after President Joseph Estrada on 2000 and Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez earlier on 2011, to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

Corona was perceived as an ally of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who had appointed him as chief justice of the Supreme Court, days after the 2010 presidential election. This comes after the Supreme Court ruled that the president's ban on appointments does not extend to the judiciary. Since then, the Supreme Court has been accused of ruling unfavorably of the Aquino administration in cases concerning Arroyo.

The Senate, which had already convened as an impeachment court, began the trial on January 16, 2012. This is the second impeachment trial in the history of the Philippines, as Gutierrez resigned prior to the trial.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Reynato Puno was to retire on May 17, 2010, seven days after the presidential election; however, the constitution prohibits the president from appointing anyone two months before the presidential election up to the end of the term. This caused a suit to be brought to the court, in which the court ruled on March 17, 2010, that the ban on appointments does not cover the judiciary. The court ruled with finality on April 20, 2010, with nine justices concurring, one dissenting, three inhibiting and two dismissing the case for being premature. This caused the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), the body that recommends nominees to the president, to resume its sessions in determining the list to be submitted.

Renato Corona was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on May 12, 2010. In a statement, the executive said that among the nominees submitted by the JBC, Corona was the "most senior Supreme Court justice".

With Benigno Aquino III winning the election, he invited all heads of the three branches of government to his inauguration, although instead of the tradition of him being inaugurated by the Chief Justice, he instead chose to be sworn in by Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, the sole dissenter on the case.

At the first few months of Aquino's presidency, he consolidated power by removing government officials closely associated with the Arroyo administration. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, who can not be simply removed from office, was impeached by the House of Representatives on March 22, 2011; the Senate was set to begin the second impeachment trial in history when she resigned on April 29, 2011.[4] Aquino announced the appointment of retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales as the new Ombudsman to replace Gutierrez on his 2011 State of the Nation Address.

On December 6, 2011, at the National Criminal Justice Summit at the Manila Hotel, Aquino said in a speech that Corona, who was seated meters away from him, is beholden to Arroyo. Aquino questioned the court's granting of a temporary restraining order lifting the watch list order of the Department of Justice against Arroyo, Arroyo's midnight appointment of Corona, and the ruling of Camarines Sur's two new legislative districts as constitutional despite falling short of the required population set by the constitution.

On the December 12, 2011 flag-raising ceremony at the Supreme Court, Corona revealed that there was "a secret plan to oust me from office by any means, fair or foul." Corona said that he would not resign.

Later in the day, a caucus amongst Aquino's allies in the House of Representative was called. Minority leader Edcel Lagman said that discussion amongst Aquino's allies heightened when the Committee on Justice passed an impeachment case involving Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo on his alleged plagiarism. Lagman further said that if the vote passed, he would question its "legal and factual basis.". The deputy presidential spokesperson, on the other hand, stated that the Palace "is not privy to the discussions of the Liberal Party in the House."

At the conclusion of majority bloc's caucus, Committee on Justice chairman Niel Tupas, Jr. presented the impeachment complaint; after the presentation, only two representatives asked for more questions, while an overwhelming majority asked to sign the complaint. He said that there were no instructions from the Palace to impeach Corona, nor was the pork barrel of representatives who did not sign would be held back, but he said that he informed the president of their decision to impeach Corona, and that the president supported it. The House of Representatives then voted in session to endorse the complaint, getting 188 votes, well above the one-third (95) of the members required by the constitution.

Navotas representative Toby Tiangco resigned from the majority bloc, and the chairmanship of the Committee on Metro Manila development, after the impeachment was passed by the House of Representatives. Tiangco said that the complaint was approved without the members of Congress scrutinizing it. Batangas 2nd district representative Hermilando Mandanas, who did not sign the complaint, was relieved of the chairmanship of the Committee on Ways and Means. Mandanas quoted Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. on saying that the Aquino administration wanted his removal. The majority bloc was not surprised with Tiangco's resignation from the majority, with Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II describing Tiangco as a "maverick" and has "more than many times identified himself with the minority."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bakit ganito sa Pilipinas?

Walang katapusang corruption, walang kamatayang pangbabatikos, pagbabatuhan ng tae at pagpapa-taasan ng ihi ng mga pulitiko sa bawatisa, walang tigil na imbestigasyon ng kung ano-anong isyu pero wala namang matinong resolusyon, walang puknat na pag-aagawan ng kapangyarihan sa pagitan ng mga partido, patuloy na pagdami ng tamad at tangang Pilipino, SILANG patuloy na pakikipaglaban ng ideolohiyang wala namang silbi.


Lagi na lang sinasabi ng mga pulitiko: Ipaglaban ang masa! Tulungan ang masa! Mahalin ang masa!




BANSA NA ‘TO!!!!!!!!!









Tuwing nakikita ko ang payslip ko, nag-iinit ang ulo ko at gusto kong maiyak sa inis. Napakalaki ng tax na
binabawas sa akin pero ginagamit lang sa walang kwentang bagay ang perang pinaghirapan ko.

Lahat ng pagtitipid ginagawa ko para suportahan ang sarili ko, pamilya ko at ang bansang to. Ni hindi ako makabili ng chicken and spaghetti meal sa Jollibee kahit gutom na gutom na ko. Nag-tya-tyaga ako sa waffle na tig-P10, o kaya pag may konting pera, junior bola-bola siopao sa Mini-Stop sa halangang P20.

Eh kung yung pera ko na pinapangbabayad sa tax sa kin na lang napunta, eh di sana nakakapanood pa ko ng sine at least 2 beses sa isang buwan. Nakabili na sana ako ng bagong rubber shoes. Nakapagpagawa na sana ako ng sarili kong bahay.

Yung tax na binabayad ko, karamihan nun derecho sa bulsa ng mga corrupt na mga government officials at workers. Habang hirap na hirap akong i-budget ang pera ko, sila naman nagpapakasarap sa mga mansyon. SUV’s at luxury cars pa ang dina-drive nila, samantalang ako sa pedicab lang sumasakay!


Yung tax na binabayad ko, pinapangsuporta sa mga mahihirap. Saan ba galing ang pera pangpagawa ng housing at pagtulong sa mga mahihirap, di ba sa mga manggagawa na nagbabayad ng buwis! Pero karamihan ng mahihirap, kung umasta kala mo inaapi sila ng sobra.


Ang daming mga tambay sa kalye na walang trabaho pero ang laki ng katawan. Eh kung sila ba nagkargador sa pier eh di sana may pera sila.



Naaawa ako sa mga batang pakalat-kalat sa kalye at namamalimos. Imbes na nag-aaral, dumadagdag lang sila sa bilang ng mga future criminals sa Pinas. Hindi ako magtataka na yung batang nakita kong namamalimos sa Cubao, pagkatapos ng ilang taon cellphone snatcher na.


Palibhasa walang mga trabaho at walang pinagkaka-abalahan, kaya nagkakalabitan at nagsusundutan na lang maghapon, magdamag. Sa totoo lang, nakakabilib. Kasi kahit sa ilalim ng tulay o sa kariton lang, nakakabuo pa rin ng bata! Ibig sabihin,
maabilidad ang mga Pinoy. Kung gugustuhin, gagawan ng paraan. Kahit sa makipot, mabaho at maduming lugar - SOLVE!

Isa pang mga grupo ng tao na nakakainis, yung mga aktibista, NPA at kung ano-ano pang ideological political groups. Sabi nila, mahal na mahal nila ang Pilipinas kaya pinagpalalaban nila ang kanilang mga adhikain.








Alisin ang lahat ng pulitiko at political families sa puwesto. Tibagin ang lahat ng mapanirang organizations at grupo. Itapon sa malayong isla o kaya i-pwersa ng hard labor ang mga sobrang tamad na mga Pilipino. Ihiwalay ang mga bata sa kanilang mga tamad at tangang magulang upang makapag-aral sila at maturuan na maging mabuting tao at mamamayan. Magkaron ng bagong lider na walang political ties at utang na loob sa kahit sino.

At higit sa lahat, dapat tax payers lang ang pwedeng bumoto!

Kung kinakailangang magka-giyera para magtino ang mga Pilipino, ayos lang. Masyado na kasing matigas ang ulo ng mga tao dito. Gusto ng kalayaan, pero hindi naman handang panagutan ang responsibilidad ng pagiging malaya. Meron daw pinaglalaban na prinsipyo at adhikain pero takot namang mamatay para dito.

Hangga’t hindi nagkakaron ng radical change, patuloy na walang kwenta ang Pilipinas at patuloy na magiging tanga ang majority ng mga Pilipino. Sa dami ng nag-mi-migrate na Pilipino sa ibang bansa, dadating ang panahon na minority na lang ng population sa Pilipinas ang may utak. Yung mga magagaling na Pilipino, malamang maubos na. Sobra na kasi silang na-fru-frustrate at na-de-depress sa mga nakikita nila.

Ilang taon pa at aalis na rin ako sa Pilipinas. Wala kong balak na magkaron ng pamilya sa isang bansa na hindi pinapahalagahan ang kontribusyon ng mga taong tunay na bumubuhay dito. Kawawa naman ang magiging anak ko kung dito sya mabubuhay.

Sa totoo lang, broken hearted ako. Minahal ko din ang bansang ito. Pilit kong pinagtatanggol kahit bulok. Nakarating na ko ng ibang bansa, pero pinili kong bumalik. Pero ngayon, ayoko na. Suko na ko. Sayang lang ako sa bansang to. Simple lang naman ang hiling ko. Gusto ko lang mabuhay ng tahimik at maayos. Gusto ko na kahit paano eh maipagmalaki ang Pilipinas. Pero wala eh. Doomed to be jologs ang bansang to.

Alam ko marami pa ang umaasa at naniniwala sa pagbabago. Good luck and God bless! Sana tama kayo at mali ako.

Monday, March 19, 2012

CJ Corona's fortune worth 80 million pesos

Claiming he undervalued his assets, prosecutors on Friday (March 16) said impeached Philippine Chief Justice Renato Corona should have declared a personal fortune of as much as 80 million pesos-more than four times what he put down in his most recent statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

"We believe that his net worth should have been 70 million and 80 million pesos based on our computation of all of his assets and bank deposits that were presented in the trial. He only declared a net worth of 22 million pesos in his SALN in 2010," Quezon Rep. Lorenzo Tañada III said at a press conference.

Defense counsel Tranquil Salvador III rejected the prosecution claim.

"That is their own computation. We don't know where they got the values or how they got the computation. We should be given a chance to lay down our evidence. It appears they're preempting our presentation of evidence by making their own explanation of evidence they have presented," Salvador said.

"I just hope this is not a ploy to condition the mind of the public."

Salvador added: "To my mind the statements made by the prosecution are a reaction to the questions of certain senator-judges that their claim of 45 ill-gotten properties of Chief Justice Corona can't be proven. Based on last count and we're only on our fourth day, we're left with only five other properties to be explained."

Tañada said the prosecution used the acquisition costs of Corona's prime real estate assets, such as The Bellagio penthouse and the Bonifacio Ridge prime condo unit, to come up with his "real" net worth. The defense at Corona's impeachment trial said the Chief Justice listed these properties at their assessed and market values, which were markedly lower than their actual values, primarily for tax purposes.

Tañada, a prosecution spokesperson, noted that Corona not only declared less than a quarter of his actual net worth but that he also failed to declare his assets and bank accounts at the year of their acquisition or opening.

"That is the question, why did he deliberately fail to fill up the acquisition cost in all of his SALN?" he said.

Tañada stressed that the prosecution's initial estimate of Corona's net worth did not include dollar accounts estimated to range from $300,000 to $700,000. A temporary restraining order issued by the Supreme Court has prevented the disclosure of those deposits.

Help from peers

Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara, another prosecution spokesperson, said Corona knew his dollar accounts were too big to be justified by his income and allowances, as well as by the money owned by his wife in the Basa-Guidote Enterprises, Inc. This was why he sought the help of his peers in the high court to block the senator-judges from prying into his foreign currency deposits, Angara claimed.

Tañada also said the defense team took pains to bring the Supreme Court's budget and disbursement officer Araceli Bayuga to testify at the Senate trial to show that Corona earned 21.6 million pesos since being appointed to the high court.

"They wanted to show that Corona had a legitimate source of income. This is deception on the part of the defense. They told the public that the Chief Justice had a P25-million income and it is up to you [to determine] where he used it," Tañada said.

Tañada noted that Corona's allowances were spread out over 10 years and that these funds were not allowed to be used to buy assets.

Tañada shrugged off a defense threat to show the SALNs of select senator-judges to prove that these officials were also remiss in filling up the acquisition cost column, just like Corona.

"They (the senators) will convict based on the evidence presented before them. They will not consider their own SALNs," Tañada said. "I'm sure the senators will say 'we are not on trial here' and that they stand by their SALNs. 'Why present our SALNs in an impeachment court?'"

Corona should testify

Angara said the defense would be comparing apples and oranges if it came out with the SALN of legislators.

"Senators and representatives could be brought to the Ombudsman, unlike the Chief Justice and other impeachable officers, who have to be removed from office first before they could be charged in court," said Angara.

Tañada and Angara said that after the defense had presented seven witnesses, it was inevitable that Corona should testify himself and personally explain why he left out his assets and bank deposits in his SALN; why he used deflated figures and kept blank the acquisition value of his assets; why he was "hell-bent" on keeping his dollar accounts secret; and how much of his income and allowances were used to buy his assets.

Abad explains

Angara said that for Corona to claim that other government officials were doing what he was doing would not hold water.

"It's not a valid defense for a thief to say there were other thieves so what he did was just all right. That should not be the case. Your crime is personal to you," Angara said.

He said Corona had no basis to claim that the SALN forms were at fault for being vague.

"All government employees have the same form. The issue is if it was truthfully filled up. So let us not blame the form," said Angara.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad on Friday acknowledged that he only used the assessed value of his pieces of property in his SALN disclosures during all his years in government service.

Following a report by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) about his supposed failure to indicate as well the current fair market value and acquisition cost of his property, Abad said he would start doing so when he files his SALN for 2011 this April.

"In the interest of transparency, I will review my previous SALNs and include the acquisition cost and the fair market value, to the extent that the pertinent documents are still available. This will also be reflected in the SALN that I will file in April for year 2011," Abad said in a statement.

Corona's lawyer Ramon Esguerra had adverted to a PCIJ report that Abad did not indicate the current fair market values and acquisition costs of the pieces of property he owned.

"I acknowledge though that with respect to my real properties, I have declared their value based on the assessed value, which has been the basis of the taxes I have paid against these," Abad said.

"In all my years in public service, my attention has never been called to this, whether by the Civil Service Commission, the Office of the Ombudsman or the Commission on Appointments," he added.

Abad said he had been truthful in filing his SALNs since he was a representative for Batanes and when he became a Cabinet member.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Corona owned wide variety of firearms

It turns out, according to PNP records, that Corona has owned not just one gun but a veritable personal armory, from revolvers to high-powered machine guns, and even a vintage Winchester, the kind popularized by American cowboys in the 19th century.

Family dispute The alleged physical threat by Corona was first mentioned by Ana Basa, a first cousin of his wife, who described in detail to the Philippine Daily Inquirer this week how the Corona couple allegedly cheated the rest of the clan of collectively owned property and other assets.

Corona claimed that the millions in cash that he had in bank accounts revealed during his impeachment trial were proceeds from the sale of family property, which Ana Basa said was a surprise to the rest of the Basa clan. In the Inquirer story, Ana Basa said her clan had long been asking her cousin, Mrs. Corona, for an accounting of the properties. Mrs. Corona was the administrator of the family properties under the corporation Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc. set up by her grandparents in 1961.

One of those properties was a lot in Sampaloc, Manila, where the family caretaker Aguilon maintained a small home. Aguilon stated in his affidavit that the Corona couple had his home demolished without warning in January 1997, and Renato Corona, then a presidential legal counsel in the administration of then-President Fidel Ramos, pointed a gun at him while saying,

"Baka gusto mong pasabugin kita."

However, according to PNP records, the first two of Corona's licensed guns were registered only in late 1997. The .38-caliber and .22-caliber revolvers were registered respectively on Oct. 14, 1997 and Nov. 6, 1997.

While denying that he pointed a gun at a property caretaker, Chief Justice Renato Corona admitted that he owned a gun. PNP records, however, showed he has owned at least 31 firearms, including an Uzi and a vintage Winchester popularized by American cowboys in the 19th century.

The chief magistrate has had a total of 31 firearms under his name since 1997. These include 18 pistols,

six revolvers,

two machine pistols, two shotguns, one submachinegun, one high-powered rifle, and a carbine. Among these are an Uzi, a Beretta, and a Glock, all leading gun brands.

The licenses of all the firearms have expired except for two: a .380-caliber pistol (Lic. No. 374-2900), which expires October 15, 2015; and a 9mm machine pistol (T0624-07V0060978), which expires on October 15, 2014. It was not immediately clear from PNP records if the expired licenses have been renewed or whether ownership has been

transferred to other entities. Sought for comment about Corona's guns, lawyer Ramon Esguerra, the magistrate's legal counsel in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, told GMA News Online in a text message that he was "not aware" of the firearms that his client has owned over the years. In a long-running family feud between Mrs. Corona and her cousins and mother's siblings, Chief Justice Corona has been accused of using his influence with judges and even of terrorizing other clan members and their workers, such as what allegedly occurred to Mr. Aguilon.

"Walang nangyaring panunutok ng baril. Hindi po ako kilala bilang mainitin ang ulo,"

Corona told GMA News' Unang Hirit host Arnold Clavio last Wednesday.

In the same interview, Corona admitted owning a firearm, but quickly added:

"Meron akong baril pero hindi ko ito dinadala."

A summary of Renato Corona's 31 guns with corresponding serial numbers, according to the PNP:

.45-cal revolver (DAN1906)
.38-cal revolver (A40241)
.22-cal revolver (CJS2753)
.38-cal revolver (88676)
.22-cal revolver (145560)
.22-cal revolver (UD93691)
.32-cal pistol (DAA096492)
.380-cal pistol (374-29000)
.45-cal pistol (748851)
.45-calpistol (1678782)
.22-cal pistol (1948)
.45-cal pistol (92456B70) 9mm pistol (AS335)
.40-cal pistol (DLB531)
.45-cal pistol M37 (GDV758)
.40-cal pistol (QL1431)
.45-cal pistol (RK6887)
.45-cal pistol (SN24969E)
.45-cal pistol (WF3557)
.45-cal pistol (BL32370)
.45-cal pistol (DHZ878)
.45-cal pistol (KPA11832)
.45-cal frame (BL31184)
.45-cal frame (PG005068)
.9mm machine pistol (T0624-07V0060978) 9mm machine pistol (SR01121)
.12GA shotgun (M450399) 12GA shotgun (RC101548)
.9mm submachine gun MK9 (P0580)
.556 high-powered rifle (4951938)
.30-cal carbine (7243757)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mukhang pera!

Lahat tayo ay mahilig sa pera. Hipokrito ka nalang kung sasabihin mong hindi. Kaya ka nga nagtatrabaho (bukod ng dahilang para sa ikabubuti ng pamilya) ay para kumita ng pera. 'Yung bulag nga sa "Slumdog Millionaire", alam ang denomination ng pera sa pag-amoy lang, paano pa kaya ang mga nakakakita? Paksyet ang gasgas na kasabihang "hindi mahalaga ang pera". Tingnan lang natin kung saan kang taehan pupulutin kung wala kang pera.

The recent “arrest” and booking of former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in St. Luke’s hospital is a reminder that life is indeed like a wheel—sometimes we are on top, other times on the bottom. Her arrest should remind us of former President Joseph Estrada who was arrested, booked, convicted, but pardoned before he could spend a day in a real jail. Erap is quoted to have described the experience as “weather-weather lang” (from the Filipino “pana-panahon lang”). Former First Lady and now Ilocos Rep. Imelda Marcos used to comment on the flood of charges brought against her, saying she faced almost 400 court cases—more than all her fingers and toes, more than the days in a calendar year. She too has not spent a day in jail.
We go through life and see these historical reminders but rarely notice then. Take our currency, do we look closely at the designs of our coins and banknotes? Don’t these represent our past, our culture, our identity? Open your wallet and pull out banknotes, old and new. Look at the faces and scenes printed on them and you are treated to a review of recent political history that should lead us to reflect on the GMA arrest and the Latin phrase “Sic transit gloria mundi (Thus passes the glory of the world).”

In 1987, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas issued a new denomination banknote—P500—in yellow, a celebration of the color of people’s protest against two decades under Ferdinand Marcos, a celebration of Cory Aquino and People Power. The logical choice for the portrait on the P500 bill was Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino Jr., martyred husband of then President Cory. Compared to previous notes the P500 bill was a breath of fresh air in terms of design and color, until feng shui experts focused on details they deemed inauspicious. Ninoy had his chin resting on his fist, and so the country’s economic woes were blamed on his brooding portrait. If Ninoy were made to smile like a pot-bellied Buddha, the P500 bill would bring good fortune and prosperity to the nation, it was said.

Signatures were collected and a petition sent to the BSP governor by a group that called itself Pangitiin si Ninoy Movement (Make Ninoy Smile Movement). The BSP ignored the petition. BSP officials were reminded of a little-known Civil Service Commission regulation that states that if a citizen sends a written request to a government official, he deserves a written reply within 15 days. Failure to reply could be the basis for a formal complaint lodged with the CSC or the Office of the Ombudsman.
With the exception of Josefa Llanes Escoda who smiles at us from the P1,000 bill, everyone is stiff and formal: Quezon, Osmeña, Roxas, Macapagal, Ninoy. Even Jose Abad Santos and Vicente Lim, who share the space with Escoda in the P1,000 bill, are not smiling. The BSP solved the issue raised by the Pangitiin si Ninoy Movement with the new-generation currency launched at the end of 2010. Ninoy has been joined by Cory on the P500 bill and both of them are smiling so widely that you can see their gums (kita na ang gilagid). Furthermore, it is significant that we have one family on the new P500 bill: the son of Cory and Ninoy happens to be the sitting President of the Philippines so the scrawl of Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III can be seen beside that of the BSP governor’s as the government guarantee or promise to pay the bearer with the amount printed. The operative words on the banknotes read: “Ang salaping ito ay bayarin ng Bangko Sentral [ng Pilipinas] at pinanagutan ng Republika ng Pilipinas” (This money is payable by the Central Bank [of the Philippines] and guaranteed by the Republic of the Philippines.) With its updated design and enhanced security features, people say in jest that the only images lacking in the new P500 bill are those of P-Noy’s sisters. These people suggest that to complete the picture, it should have Kris Aquino together with her sons Josh and Baby James.

The first banknotes series issued by the Central Bank in 1951 had nine denominations, most of them bearing the portraits of 19th century heroes of Philippine independence: P1-Apolinario Mabini, P2-Jose Rizal, P5-Marcelo H. del Pilar and Graciano Lopez Jaena, P10-Frs. Gomez, Burgos and Zamora, P20-Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto, P50-Juan Luna. There was only one woman, Melchora Aquino, a.k.a Tandang Sora, on P100, and there were two 20th century politicians, Manuel Quezon on the P200 and Manuel Roxas on P500. The 19th century heroes have fallen by the wayside or have been relegated to coins such that the 2010 banknotes are dominated by 20th century politicians, with the notable exception of the P1,000 bill which bears the portraits of heroes of the Japanese occupation. Quezon and Roxas have been on our banknotes since 1951.

Whose mug shots are on our banknotes and why? Who are excluded from banknotes and why? Our currency deserves a closer look.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Corona Impeachment, a waste of time and effort

It was unrealistic to have expected the 2001 Senate to remove Pres. Joseph Estrada at his impeachment trial even had the senate majority voted to open the envelope that would have revealed the amount (P3.2 billion) that Estrada (aka “Jose Velarde”) kept in his Equitable Bank accounts. It is not realistic now in the trial of Corona even had the Senate majority voted to ignore the TRO of the Supreme Court and subpoenaed Corona’s dollar accounts in the Pilipino Savings Bank.

It would be unrealistic even if the House prosecutors were composed of experienced litigators in the vein (or vain) of Juan Ponce-Enrile, Miriam Defensor-Santiago or even Joker Arroyo when he headed the House prosecutors against Estrada.

It would be unrealistic even if the Senate were to accept all the evidence of Renato Corona’s ownership of 24 pieces of real property, including the luxurious Bellagio penthouse condo, as well as tens of millions of Philippine pesos (and at least $700,000) in his bank accounts and even if it was established that Corona, a tax law specialist, evaded paying taxes on all his unreported income and assets.

The reality is that facts don’t matter in a system where 16 senators are needed to vote in favor of removing the impeached public official, which is twice the burden of the defense which needs only to convince 8 senators to vote against removal for whatever expedient reason they may choose.

Since there are only 23 senators (after Sen. Benigno Aquino III was elected president in 2010), 8 senators voting against removing Corona would mean only 15 left to vote for his removal, which would not be sufficient, as a 2/3rds super majority of 16 is needed to remove an impeached official.

The basic problem with the whole senate impeachment process is not just the arithmetic but the composition of the jury. The senator-jurors are all politicians, who are naturally motivated by political considerations, not by lofty notions of truth and justice. These senate-jurors don’t even have a set of jury instructions to ignore.

Besides, if truth be told, many of these senators are guilty of the same charges that have been leveled against Corona. Who among them has not received unreported sums — some of which may also have been deposited in dollar accounts — from benefactors who seek favors from them? Who among them has truthfully listed all their assets in their SALNs? If they vote to remove Corona on charges that they themselves are also guilty of, then they would be just knotting their own nooses.

While some of them may nevertheless vote against their own self-interests and according to the dictates of their conscience, most will surely not.

Some may vote to remove Corona, not because his removal would advance good governance, but because they may expect favors from the President, perhaps support when they run for re-election in 2013 or appointment to a cabinet post.

But most will likely succumb to the influence of the major forces actively lobbying for the political acquittal of Corona.

Foremost among them is former Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) who sees Corona as her main hope to avoid incarceration for corruption. Corona proved his loyalty to her when he abruptly cut short his vacation in San Francisco last November to rush back to mobilize a majority of Arroyo-appointed Supreme Court (SC) justices to grant a TRO that would have allowed GMA to leave the Philippines and avoid incarceration. This same SC majority can be counted on in the future to dismiss the charges against GMA and to allow her to leave the Philippines.

At a recent cabinet meeting, Pres. Aquino said that a Supreme Court without Corona ensures a conviction and a long jail term for GMA. And GMA knows this to be true. If the former First Couple accumulated billions of pesos/dollars while in office as the government alleges, then surely dispensing a few million pesos/dollars to a few grateful senators will be well worth the cost. After all, how can GMA enjoy her billions in Bilibid Prison?

While the INC endorsed Aquino in the 2010 presidential elections, the INC was greatly disappointed when Aquino sacked former National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Magtanggol Gatdula, an INC member, for his involvement in the abduction of a Japanese tourist wanted by the Yakuza. The INC wants Aquino to apologize to Gatdula and reinstate him in his post.

The INC’s top lawyer is former Supreme Court justice Serafin Cuevas, the chief defense counsel of Corona.

Other INC lawyers are active in representing cases brought by the government. GMA is being represented by former GMA Justice Secretary Artemio Toquero, an INC member, while former First Gentleman Miguel Arroyo is being represented by noted Hitler fan, Ferdinand Topacio, also an INC member.

It should also be noted that many of the senator-jurors won their seats because they were endorsed by the unified voting bloc of the INC and they can ignore the INC’s wishes only at their political peril.

While the INC has endorsed the Reproductive Health (RH) bill backed by Pres. Aquino, the other force supporting Corona is the Philippine Catholic Church which is staunchly opposed to the RH bill and whose bishops have threatened Aquino and RH backers with excommunication.

Bishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, Southern Luzon, recently asked the Senate to stop Corona’s impeachment trial while Archbishop Oscar Cruz of Pangasinan openly expressed support for Corona. Retired Novaliches Bishop Teodoro Bacani, the adviser of Mike Velarde’s El Shaddai gtroup, and Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros charged that the impeachment complaint was politically-motivated and should be dismissed.

The other group furiously lobbying for Corona’s acquittal is the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) headed by Roan Libarios. Even though five former IBP presidents have endorsed the impeachment of Corona, Libarios has called the impeachment of Corona “improper and inappropriate.” The IBP recently lauded Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile for his support of “the rule of law”. Many of these IBP lawyers have cases pending in the Supreme Court and believe that expressing support for the CJ will benefit them and their clients.

An IBP stalwart, Atty. Judd “The Dean” Roy, is one of the lawyers defending Corona. On February 2, he tweeted that “Honasan and Estrada stick the dagger into Tupas throat. Nicely done, guys.” On February 13, he tweeted about the head of the House prosecution panel: “Idiot Tupas, just one of those guys you love to keep f—ing over and over again.”

Probably the most influential of the “interest groups” lobbying the senators to acquit Corona is the group of unnamed beneficiaries of Corona’s Supreme Court decisions. Likely included in this group is Lucio Tan, owner of the Philippine Airlines (PAL), who gave Corona free Platinum Card tickets to fly with his wife to various cities while the case of PAL flight attendants against PAL was pending in the Supreme Court.

Also likely included is Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, the beneficiary of a Corona Supreme Court decision that declared that he was not a crony of Ferdinand Marcos, a decision then Supreme Court Justice (now Ombudsman) Conchita Carpio-Morales dissented from and called the “biggest joke of the century”. It was a decision that allowed Cojuangco to maintain his majority control of San Miguel Corporation, a decision worth billions for Cojuangco.

Many members of this interest group have invested heavily in Corona and would not wish to see their investments go down the drain. Since many of them also fund the election campaigns of many of the senators, they exert considerable influence over the votes of their senators.

The final scorecard.

The eight senators who are reliable votes against the removal of Corona, regardless of the evidence, are: Joker Arroyo, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., Manuel “Manny”Villar, Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, and Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan.

Also joining them will be: Francis “Chiz” Escudero, Loren Legarda, and Ralph Recto. And if his vote is needed, the trial’s presiding officer, Juan “Manong Johnny” Ponce-Enrile. And there may even be four more senators.

People eat their hotdogs and their spam without really caring to know what goes into them. But when people learn of all the toxic ingredients that actually go into the food they eat, people will care and will do something about it. The same is true with the toothpaste of information that has been released to the public by the televised trial. No matter what Corona and his supporters may do in the future, they simply cannot return the toothpaste back into the tube or excise the damaging testimonies from YouTube.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chief Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial 2012

Current Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona has been impeached by the House of the Representative accusing him of betraying the Public Trust, committing Culpable Violation of the Constitution and Graft and Corruption.

The articles of impeachment are the following:

Article 1 of the Impeachment: Renato Corona betrayed the Public Trust through his track record marked by partiality and subservience in cases involving the Arroyo Administration from the time of his appointment as Supreme Court Justice and until his dubious appointment as a midnight chief justice to the present.

Article 2 of the Impeachment: Renato Corona committed culpable violation of the constitution and or betrayed the Public Trust when he failed to disclose to the public his statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth as required under Sec. 17, Art. XI of the 1987 Constitution.

Article 3 of the Impeachment: Renato Corona committed culpable violations of the constitution and betrayed the public trust by failing to meet and observe the stringent standards under Art. VIII, Section 7 (3) of the Constitution that provides that “[A} Member of the Judiciary must be a person of proven competence, integrity, probity, and independence” in allowing the Supreme Court to act on mere letters filed by a counsel which caused the issuance of flop-flopping decisions in final and executor cases; in creating an excessive entanglement with Mrs. Arroyo through her appointment of his wife to office; and in discussing with litigants regarding cases pending before the Supreme Court.

Article 4 of the Impeachment: Renato Corona betrayed the public trust and or committed culpable violation of the constitution when he blatangly disregarded the principle of separation of powers by issuing a “Status Quo Ante” order against the House of Representatives in the case concerning the impeachment of then Ombudsman Merceditas Navarro – Gutierrez.

Article 5 of the Impeachment: Renato Corona betrayed the Public Trust through wanton arbitrariness and partiality in consistently disregarding the Principle of Res Judicata in the cases involving the 16 newly-created cities, and the promotion of Dinagat Island into a province.

Article 6 of the Impeachment: Renato Corona betrayed the public trust by arrogating unto himself, and to a committee he created, the authority and jurisdiction to improperly investigate a justice of the Supreme Court for the purpose of exculpating him. Such authority and jurisdiction is properly reposed by the Constitution in the House of Representatives via impeachment.

Article 7 of the Impeachment: Respondent betrayed the public trust through his partiality in granting a temporary restraining order (TRO) in favor of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband Jose Miguel Arroyo in order to give them an opportunity to escape prosecution and to frustrate the ends of justice, and in distorting the Supreme Court decision on the effectivity of the TRO in view of a clear failure to comply with the conditions of the Supreme Court’s own TRO.

Article 8 of the Impeachment: Renato Corona betrayed the Public Trust and or committed graft and corruption when he failed and refused to account for the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) and Special Allowance for the Judiciary (SAJ) collections.

The impeachment trial in the Senate started on Monday, January 16, 2012.

Enriqueta Esguerra-Vidal who is the clerk of court of the Supreme Court was called in as the first witness for the prosecution. She was told to surrender the SALNs (statements of assets, liabilities and net worth) from 2002 to 2010 of the Chief Justice to the impeachment court. At first, Vidal tried to beg the court citing Supreme Court en banc’s May 2, 1989 resolution which prohibit the public disclosure of the SALN of judges and justices.

But in the end, she was forced to turn over Corona’s SALN’s inside a brown envelope to the impeachment court. The prosecution panels received the documents and started to read them, but the Senator Sotto called their attention that the documents should be surrendered to the impeachment court not to the prosecutors. Then the documents are marked as evidence by the court.

Later, Marianito Dimaandal, records custodian of the Office of the President was called. He brought with him the certified copies of the SALN’s of Corona from 1992 to 2002 when Corona was still an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 bar exam results

The Philippine Bar Examination is administered once every year during the four Sundays of September. It covers eight areas of law, namely: (1) Political Law, (2) Labor Law and Social Legislation, (3) Criminal Law, (4) Civil Law, (5) Commercial Law, (6) Taxation Law, (7) Remedial Law and (8) Legal ethics and practical exercises.

A total of 1,913 out of 5,990 law graduates successfully passed the November 2011 Bar Exam, Supreme Court announced today.

SC spokesperson Midas Marquez said that this is the second highest passing rate since 1954 wherein 75.17% passed the bar exam.

There has been a considerable decline in the passing rate in the past decade but last year’s bar exam seemed to have put the minds of 1,913 takers at ease.

Here are the 2011 Bar Exam Topnotchers:

1. ATADERO, RAOUL ANGELO D. – Ateneo de Manila – 85.536%
2. BOLONG, LUZ DANIELLE O. – Ateneo de Manila – 84.556%
3. RAFAL-ROBLE, CHERRY LIEZ O. – Arellano University – 84.455%
4. BANAGA, ROSEMIL R. – Notre Dame University – 84.122%
5. GONZALES, CHRISTIAN LOUIE C. – University of Santo Tomas – 84.093%
6. BANDAL, IVAN M. – Silliman University – 84.090%
7. ACOSTA, EIREENE XINA M. – San Beda College – 84.066%
8. QUA, IRENE MARIE P. – Ateneo de Manila – 84.057%
10. AQUINO, RODOLFO Q. – San Beda College – 83.727%

Comprising 31.95 percent of examinees, it is the second highest passing rate in the history of the Philippine Bar examinations next to the 32 percent in 2003.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Roberto Abad served as the chairman of the 2011 Bar examination which was held for the first time at the University of Santo Tomas for four Sundays in November.

The examiners were Court of Appeals Associate Justice Amy Lazaro Javier for Political Law; author and professor lawyer Cesario Alvero Azucena Jr. for Labor Law; author and former Justice Undersecretary Dean Ernesto Pineda for Civil Law; author and professor Abelardo Domondon for Taxation; Court of Appeals Associate Justice Ramon Paul Hernando for Mercantile Law; Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Maria Cristina Cornejo for Criminal Law; former professor and practitioner Virgilio Manguera for Remedial law and professor Edwin Carillo for Legal Ethics. -

Bar Exam 2011 Passers
(November 2011) Philippine Bar Exam results.

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(November 2011) Philippine Bar Exam results.

Read more about John by The News Today

1 . ABAD, Cernick S
2 . ABAD, Rino E
3 . ABAGAT, Hazel V
4 . ABALOS, Dowelson M
5 . ABAN, Richard Bobot F
6 . ABAPO, Lovely S
7 . ABARCA, Rodvick J
8 . ABARQUEZ, Anna Melissa F
9 . ABAS-REGANION, Maria Liezelda G
10 . ABASQUEZ-FELASOL, Elizabeth B
11 . ABASTILLAS, JR., Renato M
12 . ABAYON, II, Harlin Gleeperf J
13 . ABDON, Lynette C
14 . ABDULLAH, Ahmad-ali M
15 . ABEAR, Harold C
17 . ABELLANO, Shella L
18 . ABELLO, Christian L
19 . ABENES, Maria Victoria A
20 . ABESA, Ivan D
21 . ABEYA, Alem-eman Chisum L
22 . ABIANG, Rio Nila L
23 . ABLANQUE, Kerth Jossef M
24 . ABLONG, Joshua Francisco J
25 . ABOGA-A, Jovan S
26 . ABOT, Geneses R
27 . ABRAGAN, Scarlette Rose C
28 . ABRAGAN, II, Albert Ignatius C
29 . ABRIGO, Aldren D
30 . ABSIN, Zerah Marie B
31 . ABU, Christine Joy A
32 . ABUDA, Rufino V
33 . ABULENCIA, Juvielyn S
34 . ABULON, Jason C
35 . ACANA, Katrina Q
36 . ACEDERA, Jericho U
37 . ACERET, Chenaide P
38 . ACEVEDO, Pulchra Marie E
39 . ACOSTA, Eireene Xina M
40 . ADAME, Zaremelle D
41 . ADARLO, JR., Julian E
42 . ADDAMO, Edwardo Dewey M
43 . ADDURU-AMAN, Roxanne Mia A
44 . ADEVA, Dino A
45 . ADORABLE, Anne Lorraine C
46 . ADRANEDA, Maria Joy Karen G
48 . AGARAO, Zenon C
49 . AGAS, Dorada Lori P
50 . AGBON-FAYTAREN, Demia Ann A
51 . AGODON, Christiann Leonard P
52 . AGONCILLO, Donna Angela SP
53 . AGRA, Dante Jerome U
54 . AGUILAN, Elizabeth Karla P
55 . AGUILAR, Katlyn Anne C
56 . AGUILAR, JR., Romeo L
57 . AGUILLON, Gilbert V
58 . AGUIRRE, Jessaida Starla T
59 . AGUISANDA, Angelica Socorro A
60 . AGULLO, Michelle A
61 . AGURA, Marichu A
62 . AGUSTIN, James Bryan O
63 . AGUSTIN, Liberty J
64 . AKOT, Shaun Cary M
65 . ALAGDE, Jude Cornelio L
66 . ALAGON, Marah B
67 . ALAPIT, Lemwel L
68 . ALAVE, JR., Dionesio T
69 . ALAYON, Eugene D
70 . ALBA, Voltaire M
71 . ALBAN, Jose Aurelio B
72 . ALBANIEL, Annaliza C
73 . ALBANO, Jay Jay A
74 . ALBAYALDE, Carmelo B
75 . ALBEOS, Vincent Deo F
76 . ALBERTO, Catherine May L
77 . ALBINO, Rhyan Petrose A
78 . ALBON, Lauro A
79 . ALCANTARA, Andrew Joshua B
80 . ALCANTARA, Cristina T
81 . ALCARAZ, Alper John G
82 . ALEGRIA, Marigold A
83 . ALEJANDRINO, Joseph Gandhir Kagi P
84 . ALFAR, Roselo M
85 . ALFELOR, Antonio Andre R
86 . ALFONSO, Marvic C
87 . ALI, Jahara A
88 . ALICANTE, JR., Rufino A
89 . ALILING, Jose Luis Z
90 . ALIM, Ayla V
91 . ALIMAN, O'hara S
92 . ALINSANGAN, Sheila Mae M
93 . ALIS, Raymon Y
94 . ALIVIADO, Chalm C
95 . ALJENTERA, Teresita H
96 . ALLIENDA, JR., Justiniano L
97 . ALMACHAR, Jonalyn R
98 . ALMENDRA, Fiel Y
99 . ALMONTE, Maricon A
100 . ALTAMERA, Jennifer C
101 . ALUGAR, Marie Chres M
102 . ALVARADO, Lyndell P
103 . AMACNA, Fidel C
104 . AMAGO, IV, Bernardino T
105 . AMERIL, Nadzma M
106 . AMPAGUEY, Holy T
107 . AMSAWA, Mohammad Ahmad N
108 . AMUASEN, Johannes A
109 . ANAAS, Franklin D
110 . ANCAJAS, JR., Lyndon Y
111 . ANCHETA, Danniel James M
112 . ANCHETA, Edward Dale D
113 . ANDAM, Analia S
114 . ANDRES, Carla N
115 . ANDRES, Diane Angeli S
116 . ANDRES, Ma. Rowena S
117 . ANG, Joseph Y
118 . ANG, Kazimir Kira R
119 . ANGARE, Anathalia B
120 . ANGELES, Ada Victoria D
121 . ANGELES, Enrico Errol D
122 . ANGELIO, II, Ramon M
124 . ANGLIONGTO,, Candy May S
125 . ANGULO, Belinda G
126 . ANGUSTIA, Joshua Paul S
127 . ANI, Dane Neil G
128 . ANINANG, Maricel T
129 . ANSALDO, Evita Magnolia I
130 . ANSANO, Khalid D
131 . ANTIG, Eir Peirre Alleistair L
132 . ANTIPATIA, Maria Conchita D
133 . ANTOLIN, Jeanne Marisse Theodora C
134 . ANTONIO, Desiree Charmaine Q
135 . ANTONIO, JR., Salvador F
136 . APAO, Michelle Lyn A
137 . APOSTOL, Lloyd Elgene A
138 . APOSTOL, Roxan G
139 . AQUINO, Louie Bernard C
140 . AQUINO, Marla Luisa B
141 . AQUINO, Rizza A
142 . AQUINO, Roderick R
143 . AQUINO, Rodolfo Q
144 . AQUISIO, Richard P
145 . ARAGONES, Junine L
146 . ARANDA, Julie Ann L
147 . ARANETA, Warme P
148 . ARBOLADO, Charmaine V
149 . ARCE, Oliva C
150 . ARCE, Ray Patrick M
151 . ARCENAS, Dorothy F
152 . ARCILLA, Broderick C
153 . ARCILLA, Juan Antonio E
154 . ARELLANO, Joanna R
155 . ARELLANO, Renelyn J
156 . ARENAJO, Bernadette N
157 . AREVALO, Ma. Donna V
158 . ARIOLA, Hazel Bachz B
159 . ARISTON, Jacklyn M
160 . ARISTOTELES, Mary Jane P
161 . ARLOS, Jamie Andrea Mae Y
162 . AROCO, Steve M
163 . ARQUERO, Josef Bertrand L
164 . ARRIETA, Chiqui C
165 . ARRIETA, Ryan H
166 . ARTETA, Sheena Ester P
167 . ASERON, Kathleen S
168 . ASILO, Francis Alvin V
169 . ASTILLA, Andrew C
170 . ASUNCION, Euvimil Nina R
171 . ASUTEN, Michael L
172 . ATABUG, Marian E
173 . ATADERO, Raoul Angelo D
174 . ATANACIO, JR., Ricardo Y
175 . ATANGAN, Mishiele O
176 . ATCHECO, April Lorelei A
177 . ATIENZA, Donabel D
178 . AUMENTADO, Arnel Rafael R
179 . AURE, Gary C
180 . AUSA, Siegfried A
181 . AUSTRIA, Vienna Maria R
182 . AVILA, Cristina R
183 . AVILA, Gail B
184 . AVILA, Lee Agerico B
185 . AVILA, Maria Theresa O
186 . AVILA, Paul Agerico B
187 . AWE, Crisyrel P
188 . AWIT, Elma L
189 . AZORES-LINA, Rhodora P
190 . AZURA, Jonas Julius Caesar N
191 . BABAN, Jason B
192 . BABAO, Brenda Lyn E
193 . BABAO, Noniesah A
194 . BABATID, Jezreel M
195 . BABIERRA, Michael Tristan R
196 . BABOR-LIWANAG, Jimiebe M
197 . BACARRA, Arnel P
198 . BACAY, Leonil Anthony S
199 . BACCAY, Cora Leah R
200 . BACCAY, Joseph L
201 . BACILES, Marson U
202 . BACOMO-LAPITAN, Annavie E
203 . BACUD, Charlene D
204 . BACULIO, Carmelita Rita R
205 . BACUYAG, Nestor E
206 . BAENA, Joselito Thomas Ghadry P
207 . BAGBAGEN, Gat Anthony S
208 . BAGUILAT, Raymond Marvic C
209 . BAGUIOEN, Maan Grace A
210 . BAJARLA, Amor Condeo T
211 . BALACANO, Angela Lysa L
212 . BALAGAPO, James P
213 . BALAGBAG, Alvin John F
214 . BALAHIM, Sittie Mariam I
215 . BALANE, Dominic John B
216 . BALANQUIT, Cherry L
217 . BALARBAR, Jenifer C
218 . BALBOA, Lumen P
219 . BALBUENA, Raymond Joel L
220 . BALDAGO-FAUSTINO, Olive Diane R
221 . BALDEMOR, Ma. Cristina Aurora C
222 . BALDEO, Rexember B
223 . BALDERAS, Jardine Kay E
224 . BALDERAS, JR., Donato D
225 . BALDOZA, Dianne Margarette N
226 . BALIDO-AGGABAO, Joana Marie S
227 . BALINTEC, Ellen Michelle C
228 . BALISACAN, JR., Renato R
229 . BALITA, Ruth L
230 . BALLENA, JR., Danilo G
231 . BALLESTEROS, Lloyd Czar M
232 . BALLICUD, Christalyn A
233 . BALMEDIANO, Jeriel P
234 . BALMORES, Jesus D
235 . BALOIS, Edgardo Roman Manuel C
236 . BALOT, Sheryl F
237 . BALUYOT, Jose Marie M
238 . BANDAL, Ivan M
239 . BANGGOLAY, JR., Valeriano M
240 . BANGI, Ray John E
241 . BANIQUED, JR., Angel M
242 . BANSILOY, Ericson Nery T
243 . BARAYUGA, Joanalyn S
244 . BARBACENA, Ana Mei S
245 . BARBERO, Mary Leizl C
246 . BARLAN, Christian Arvin S
247 . BARON, John Evan V
248 . BARONE, Marc Edward P
249 . BARRAIRO, Nathaniel C
250 . BARRION, Julie Ann B
251 . BARRO, Monalisa L
252 . BARROZO, Doris C
253 . BARTOLOME, Freda F
254 . BASADRE, Maribel D
255 . BASCAO, Rosalina U
256 . BASILOY, Almira E
257 . BASMAN, Anna Tarhata S
258 . BASSIG, Richardson A
259 . BATALLA, Rene Francis P
260 . BATHAN, Bernadette DC
261 . BATISAN, Lady Jane G
262 . BATTUNG, Sherwin G
264 . BAUTISTA, Ana Cecilia D
265 . BAUTISTA, Demosthenes R
266 . BAUTISTA, Gerald Enrico P
267 . BAUTISTA, Lovelika T
268 . BAUTISTA, Ma. Nessa M
269 . BAUTISTA, Rommel P
270 . BAUTISTA, Rosario R
272 . BAWAGAN, Jaime P
273 . BAYANG, Marvin Jason N
274 . BAYARAS, Jeremy John C
275 . BAYBAY, Benedict Dominic Q
276 . BAYON, Febhay P
277 . BAÑAGA, Rosemil R
278 . BEJAR, Jed Allan R
279 . BELEN, JR., Alfredo L
280 . BELGIRA, Rhoan Louiege B
281 . BELLEN, Arnel B
282 . BELLEZA, JR., Florante L
283 . BELLO, Diana Lyn B
284 . BELTRAN, Jo Anne B
285 . BENDIJO, Chris Noel A
286 . BENDOVAL, Wendell P
287 . BENEDICTO, JR., Leonardo R
288 . BENGWAYAN, Brenner L
289 . BENITEZ, Michelle S
290 . BEREDO, Reynold S
291 . BERMAS, Herbert Rodulf N
292 . BERMUDEZ, Jean Marionne A
293 . BERNABE, Sherry Lou R
294 . BERNABE, III, Ricardo P
295 . BERNABE, JR., Jesus Roberto D
296 . BERNALDEZ, Ma. May Shidee N
297 . BERNARDO, Michelle G
298 . BERSABE, Ma. Vergel C
299 . BIASON, Ana Sofia A
300 . BIDAD, Rochelle T
301 . BINONDO, Marian A
302 . BIONA, Delor P
303 . BISAHAN, Ria Faith N
304 . BITAO, Jayferson M
305 . BLANCO, Cyril Casey G
306 . BOACON, Carlo Oscar P
307 . BOADO, Romina E
308 . BOISER, Carm Albert A
309 . BOLAÑOS, Dorothy D
310 . BOLO-ESCOVILLA, Chillete B
311 . BOLONG, Luz Danielle O
312 . BOLONG, Marie Diane O
313 . BONBON, Arvin L
314 . BONCODIN, Fernando Joshua A
315 . BONGCARON, Kristine R
316 . BORGOÑOS, Anna Paula A
317 . BORJA, Paolo Miguel T
318 . BOTAWAN, Abdul Jabbar M
319 . BOYLES, Marvin O
320 . BRANIA, Jorge S
321 . BRAZIL, Virginia A
322 . BRINGAS, Marianne I
323 . BRIONES, John Russel A
324 . BRITANICO, Julia Anna M
325 . BROMEO-ORDUÑA, Kathleen Ann S
326 . BROÑOLA, Arniel H
327 . BUDADEN, Jonathan R
328 . BUDUHAN, Cristiflor D
329 . BUGAYAO, Margarita A
330 . BUGNOSEN, Aileen S
331 . BULACLAC, Rowena L
332 . BULAN, Christopher C
333 . BULAQUEÑA, Ma. Christine Joy H
334 . BULSO, Brenie D
335 . BUMATAY, Ejay A
336 . BUOT, Merian V
337 . BURTON, Noel Rafael L
338 . BUSTRIA, Tria Jean L
339 . CABAHUG, Christiansen D
340 . CABASA, Theo Joseph N
341 . CABATBAT, Argel Joseph T
342 . CABAÑERO, Mesael L
343 . CABELIN, III, Marcelo G
344 . CABILES, Joseph R
345 . CABLAO, Vincent A
346 . CABOCHAN, Emma Theresa M
347 . CABRADILLA, Precious M
348 . CABRERA, Sarah T
349 . CABREROS, Deo Angelo D
350 . CABRIA, Gelene Mae L
351 . CABUNGAN, Efrile C
352 . CACAPIT, Nathaniel G
353 . CACHOLA, JR., Ricardo B
354 . CADAUAN, Abigale Claydz P
355 . CAEG, Caterina Isabel C
356 . CAET, JR., Meliton R
357 . CAGAMPAN, Baltazar Ansberto L
358 . CAGANG, Libertine G
359 . CAGAT-CAGAT, Alma G
360 . CAGAYAN, Betrand Hans B
361 . CAHILIG, Garry O
362 . CAIN, Mia Gretchen J
363 . CAINDAY, Raquel A
364 . CAJIPE, Edsel G
365 . CALALANG, Angelita S
366 . CALAMAY, Novie Y
367 . CALANOG, Edwin Maurice M
368 . CALANOY, Carolyn M
369 . CALAPRE, Brenjune Bliss G
370 . CALAPRE, Maricar O
371 . CALIDA, Mark Jorel O
372 . CALIMAG, Arnel L
373 . CALIMAG, Erinne Ann B
374 . CALLAO, Terrence Anton T
375 . CALMERIN, Rex D
376 . CALONGE, Anne Marie N
377 . CALSIYAO, May Frances S
378 . CALUB, Ariel Ross L
379 . CALUMPANG, Florida G
380 . CAMARINES, Marc Anito L
381 . CAMBALIZA, Charles Romulus A
382 . CAMILING, Gwen Noreen A
383 . CAMIÑA, Jefferiz Bryan A
384 . CAMMAYO, Romano P
385 . CANDIDO, Rea Abigail M
386 . CANIEDO, Katrene Jade O
387 . CANILAO, Michael Angelo S
388 . CANLAS, Edzel Bert B
389 . CANOBAS, Gileen V
390 . CANON, JR., Raul E
391 . CANTA, Alvin Prandy T
392 . CAPATI, Giancarlo S
393 . CAPILI-GUINGAB, Maricion B
394 . CAPRICHO, I, Jan Roi B
395 . CAPULE, Ma. Niña Bernadette G
396 . CARAYUGAN, Criscelyn B
397 . CARDENAS, Eleanor D
398 . CARIÑO, Mariane Celeste L
399 . CARIÑO, III, Don Gabriel Oligar T
400 . CARONONGAN, Tanya Pamela C
401 . CARREON, Norman C
402 . CASAS, Joyce Grace B
403 . CASASIS, Loyd P
404 . CASIBEN, Solidad L
405 . CASIMIRO, Omar Cris F
406 . CASIPE, Marian Abbie B
407 . CASPE, Mailyn P
408 . CASPELLAN, Pauline Agatha R
409 . CASPILLO, Jose Miguel F
410 . CASTAÑEDA, III, Asisclo A
411 . CASTILAN, Randy F
412 . CASTILLO, Chito N
413 . CASTILLO, Cristina P
414 . CASTILLO, Jeanne Luz R
415 . CASTILLO, Jhoriel T
416 . CASTILLO, Joel S
417 . CASTILLO, Jon Edmarc R
418 . CASTILLO, Nicolo Jose E
419 . CASTRO, Charlotte Fiel P
420 . CASTRO, Christian P
421 . CASTRO, Jenny B
422 . CASTRO, Leevann C
423 . CATRE, Joan Wren S
424 . CATUBAY, Maria Andreameda A
425 . CAUTON, Gideon Elfred A
426 . CAWED, Ana Cristina N
427 . CAWILAN, Ariz Delson Acay D
428 . CAWILAN, Maria Cecilia A
429 . CAYABYAB, Kris Dyan P
430 . CAYANAN, Jojo P
431 . CEBREROS, Marc Titus D
432 . CEBRICUS, Rhoda M
433 . CELOCIA, Jazzie R
434 . CENETA, Feladel R
435 . CERA, Nolisa Blanca O
436 . CERDANA, Lennie Ann C
437 . CERRO, Joy E
438 . CERRO, Mario Bernardo S
439 . CHAVENTE, Aldy V
440 . CHAVEZ, Melissa Ester E
441 . CHAVEZ, Paul Lemuel E
442 . CHENG, Roy E
443 . CHING, Jesselyn Q
444 . CHIU, Irene A
445 . CHOI, Il Young
446 . CHUA, Erni Carlo T
447 . CHUA, Nelson M
448 . CHUA, Rona T
449 . CHUA, Ryan A
450 . CHUMAWAR, JR., Edward F
451 . CIMAFRANCA, Jake
452 . CLAUDEL, Claudette T
453 . CLAVERIA, Xandred Anne D
454 . CLOMA, Marian M
455 . CO, Ashlin Clint L
456 . COCA, Wenelin A
457 . CODERIS, JR., Jovito B
458 . COHERCO, Calvin Ryan O
459 . COLANGAO, Ancelma U
460 . COLEMAN, Francis A
461 . COLLADO, Chillon Dion A
462 . COLLADO, Markneil S
463 . COLLANTES, Anna Consuelo V
464 . COLOMA, JR., Herman M
465 . COLUMNAS, Avril D
466 . CONCEPCION, Ace Jello C
467 . CONCEPCION, Frances Klaire R
468 . CONCEPCION, Giovani C
469 . CONCEPCION, John Ray C
470 . CONCEPCION, Juno Korinna G
471 . CONCEPCION, II, Conrado A
472 . CONEJERO, Joselito V
473 . CONSTANTINO, Maria Theresa D
474 . CONSULTA, Aylward M
475 . CONTACTO, Maria Katrina Nicole C
476 . CONTIGA, Bernes M
477 . COPANUT-PANGWI, Rachel Ginaya W
478 . CORDON, Francesse Joy J
479 . CORDOVA, Fortune Mae C
480 . CORONA, Jhoanna C
481 . CORONADO, Ciane Corrine N
482 . CORONEL, Emil-anton M
483 . CORPUZ, Brian Jay
484 . COSEP, Marnito B
485 . COSI, Lilibeth B
486 . COTARES, Joseph Emmanuel C
487 . COYOCA, Carol G
488 . CRISTOBAL, Ravi Rose S
489 . CRUZ, Christian Renz G
490 . CRUZ, Edel O
491 . CRUZ, Jeric Alvin F
492 . CRUZ, Maria Fatima E
493 . CRUZ, Romina A
494 . CUA, Liezl Y
495 . CUALING, Mar Bianca F
496 . CUARESMA, Eddie C
497 . CUBERO, JR., Fernando B
498 . CUENCA, Jose Fernando B
499 . CUIZON, Lynyrd Christian M
500 . CUKINGNAN, JR., Albert G
501 . CUNANAN, Jose Angelo V
502 . CUNANAN, Therese Anne D
503 . CUNANAN, JR., Rudy D
504 . CURTINA, Jerome A
505 . DA COSTA, Maria Rosario Ana R
506 . DABU, Mary Christine C
507 . DACANAY, Jan Jacob Z
508 . DACATIMBANG, Margaret C
509 . DACAYO-GARCIA, Maria Kristina L
510 . DACILLO, Suzette S
511 . DACQUEL, Benjamin Francis P
512 . DAGDAGAN, Ma. Filipinas E
513 . DAGUNA, Tatiana Lynne N
514 . DAL, Leah Renna B
515 . DALAGAN, Wena Fe P
516 . DALISAY, Eunice G
517 . DALISAY, Sannet Yves Janet P
518 . DALISAY, III, Jose Y
519 . DALLORAN, Gizel Anne B
520 . DALOG, Cyphrine Maxcel Y
521 . DANAO, Jesselton M
522 . DANAS, Julius L
523 . DANICO, Raymond R
524 . DAPAT, Bon Mark C
525 . DAPING, Jerry M
526 . DASAYON-ALUNDAY, Shirlynne B
528 . DAUD, Zhulaika P
529 . DAUZ, Diane Therese T
530 . DAVID, Louella Pamela M
531 . DAVID, Maria Samantha V
532 . DAVILA, Jose Edward A
533 . DAWA, Mark Anthony A
534 . DAYRIT, Maria Katrina P
535 . DAZA, Natasha C
536 . DAZO, Roan Noreen C
537 . DE ALA, Joker Paul A
538 . DE ALBAN, Asteria Benedicta G
539 . DE ASIS, Vincent Pascal T
540 . DE CASTRO, Jenny A
541 . DE CASTRO, Richard Von L
542 . DE DIOS, Hervy Alejandro B
543 . DE GUZMAN, Arne L
544 . DE GUZMAN, Darius B
545 . DE GUZMAN, Jason Almond P
546 . DE GUZMAN, Jerick V
547 . DE GUZMAN, Kristina H
548 . DE GUZMAN, Leah A
549 . DE GUZMAN, Raul SJ
550 . DE GUZMAN, Ray Ann I
551 . DE GUZMAN, Rosa Margarita A
552 . DE GUZMAN, Venus H
553 . DE JESUS, Veronica Zandra L
554 . DE JOYA, Rose Jennifer A
555 . DE LA CRUZ, Janina B
556 . DE LA CRUZ, Krishtine V
557 . DE LA CRUZ, Marilou C
558 . DE LA CUESTA, Joseph Roman D
559 . DE LEON, Fridah Lara M
560 . DE LEON, Heirridge Kevin N
561 . DE LEON, JR., Bernardo V
562 . DE LIMA, Alexis C
563 . DE LIMA, JR., Alfredo S
564 . DE LOS ANGELES, Dino Ricardo T
565 . DE LOS SANTOS, Elaine B
566 . DE LUNA, Mac Lee L
568 . DE VERA, Sue Ann A
569 . DEANG, Carol N
570 . DECANO, Geraldine D
571 . DECOLONGON, Jera M
572 . DEGALA, Julius Victor C
573 . DEJITO, Lucille G
574 . DEL CASTILLO, Judgee Earl Ross D
575 . DEL PUERTO, Jericho B
576 . DEL ROSARIO, Jan Erich F
577 . DEL ROSARIO, Jayson F
578 . DEL ROSARIO, Shiela D
579 . DEL VALLE, Francis S
580 . DELA CRUZ, Aimee Rose DG
581 . DELA CRUZ, Analisa M
582 . DELA CRUZ, Leannie A
583 . DELA CRUZ, Lourdines C
584 . DELA CRUZ, JR., Marcos F
585 . DELA FUENTE, Rainer P
586 . DELA PAZ, John Francis D
587 . DELA RAMA, Sheryl D
588 . DELA ROSA, Nathaniel S
589 . DELA TORRE, Gregorio Marco B
590 . DELICONA, Janissa P
591 . DELMENDO, III, Elizardo G
592 . DELOS REYES, Ana Ofloda S
593 . DELOS REYES, Voltaire Ban L
594 . DELOS SANTOS, Carlo Angelo O
595 . DELOS SANTOS, Corazon Regina E
596 . DELOS SANTOS, Fritz Bryn Anthony M
597 . DELUVIO, Erlan P
598 . DELUVIO, John Haye C
599 . DEMANO, Mary Anne R
600 . DEMATE, Egbert A
601 . DEMETERIO-DIEGO, Nora Analyn S
602 . DENIEGA, Lily Jean P
603 . DEQUIÑA, Doanni Lou F
604 . DERIGAY, Christian D
605 . DESACADA, Reiner B
606 . DIAMANTE, Imee Conn A
607 . DIAMSAY, Mylene P
608 . DIAZ, Christian Niño A
609 . DIAZ, Jesse Mae C
610 . DICHOSA, Joan Mae T
611 . DIEZ, Aldeo Jesus E
612 . DIGNADICE, Allyn Luv Z
613 . DIMACUHA, Maria Aisa O
614 . DIMAGIBA, Hershel Lyn A
615 . DIMALANTA, Adrian Rex C
616 . DIMATATAC, Christopher S
617 . DIMAYUGA, Roxanne Marie B
618 . DINGLE, Shielani Agnes B
619 . DINOPOL, Raphael Leandro E
620 . DIPUTADO, Jean-paul A
621 . DIRON, Abdul Halim P
622 . DIRON, JR., Mabandes S
623 . DISANGCOPAN, Abdel Jamal R
624 . DISTURA, Irene Bianca B
625 . DIVIDINA, Danilo N
626 . DIVIVA, V, Domingo V
627 . DIWAS, Dexter D
628 . DIZON, Catherine Gail C
629 . DIZON, Diana Joy G
630 . DIZON, Mary Anne E
631 . DIÑA, Meinhart A
632 . DIÑO, Adel Cristina Z
633 . DIÑO, Catherine Anne L
634 . DIÑO, Maria Kristina V
635 . DOLINO, Jerros S
636 . DOLLETE, Eric D
637 . DOMANTAY, Jackson G
638 . DOMINGO, Carolin R
639 . DOMINGO, Geraldine Elaine D
640 . DOMINGO, Maria Theresa M
641 . DOMINGO, Mary Emilene T
642 . DOMINGUEZ, Katrina Paula A
643 . DOMINO, Melanie M
644 . DONATO, Annabelle D
645 . DONATO, Mary Rose Grace S
646 . DONES, Jenny Anne T
647 . DONGLA, Joecle R
648 . DOOC, Ma. Socorro E
649 . DORIA, Jonard M
650 . DORIA, Josephine S
651 . DRIO, Erwin T
652 . DU, General D
653 . DUCEPEC, Dianne Caroline V
654 . DUEÑAS, Neil Hector T
655 . DUHAYLONGSOD, Jose Maria B
656 . DULIN, Maria Anastacia N
657 . DUMALAN, Mark Anthony P
658 . DUMAN, Paulyn May P
659 . DUMARPA, Faydah M
660 . DUMAUAL, Michael Edward G
661 . DUMLAO, Lourdes Philina B
662 . DUMLAO, Michael R
663 . DURAN, Gretchen C
664 . DURAN, Jensen Marie R
665 . DURAN, Reggie G
666 . DUYAN, Bernalyn A
667 . DY, Michelle A
668 . DY, Rayshel Margret T
669 . EBALO, Sherwin Dwight O
670 . EBORA, Arianne Rose R
671 . ECHAVEZ, Jeadah A
672 . ECLEVIA, Michael Carl L
673 . EDILLON, Ann N
674 . EDNACO, Madonna Joy L
675 . ELEFAÑO, Mara Nadia C
676 . ELLEMA, Ferdinand S
677 . ELUMBA, John L
678 . EMPHASIS, Al Bill M
679 . ENCISO, Florante N
680 . ENCISO, JR., Adolfo A
681 . ENGO, Katrina E
682 . ENOPIA, Melanie Q
683 . ENRIQUEZ, Amy N
684 . ENTOMA, Lovelie Faith G
685 . ESCALONA, Patricia Ann O
686 . ESCAREZ, Anthony G
687 . ESCOBEDO, Revsee A
688 . ESCOBERO, Lorela B
689 . ESCOBILLO, Emmeline Mae C
690 . ESCOSIA, Grace Xaviere E
691 . ESCUETA-BONGATO, Cherry Ann E
692 . ESPALDON, Al Conrad B
693 . ESPAÑA, Aiza Camille O
694 . ESPENILLA, Jacqueline Joyce F
695 . ESPINA, Raymundo Z
696 . ESPINA, Vicente Andrew M
697 . ESPIRITU, Francis Lorenz E
698 . ESPIRITU, Patrick S
699 . ESPIRITU, Valentino J
700 . ESPIÑA, Hjoan P
701 . ESPLANA, Ryan Jay J
702 . ESQUIVEL, Lady Lanie C
703 . ESTANDARTE, Robert T
704 . ESTEPA, Christine Fatima V
705 . ESTIGOY, JR., Amador A
706 . ESTILLERO, Reigi P
707 . ESTIOCO, Verlito C
708 . ESTIVA, Helen Joyce F
709 . ESTORNINOS, Klarise Anne C
710 . ESTOY, Mary Grace Aileen V
711 . ESTRADA, Karen Mae B
712 . ESTRELLADO, Marc John S
713 . ETANG, Mae Angelie L
714 . ETULLE, Guineverre Q
715 . EUSTAQUIO, Ma. Anna Katrina C
716 . EVANGELISTA, Emmanuel Benedict C
719 . FABIE, Carlisle Marie Anselyn M
720 . FABILA, Kenneth B
721 . FABURADA, Bethany M
722 . FADRIGO, John Paul C
723 . FAJARDO, III, Rodrigo P
724 . FALCES, Jordan P
725 . FAMILARAN, Rafael B
726 . FANDIALAN, Maria Adella L
727 . FAYLONA, Clarissa Bettina F
729 . FERMIL, Vanessa G
730 . FERNANDEZ, Christina R
731 . FERNANDEZ, Maribel M
732 . FERNANDEZ, Patricia S
733 . FERNANDEZ, Raoul Benedict T
734 . FERNANDO, Ruperto V
735 . FEROLIN, Garry Mark N
736 . FERRERAS, Karen U
737 . FERUELO, Marivic M
738 . FIDEL, Denise B
739 . FLOJO, Jerome L
740 . FLORA, Flordeliza B
741 . FLORANDA, Rafael Vincent A
742 . FLORENTINO, Ruth A
743 . FLORES, Catherine A
744 . FLORES, Noli Gabriel C
745 . FLORES, Sienna A
746 . FOLLANTE, Glenn A
747 . FORMOSO, Ros Criswin V
748 . FRADES, Charisma G
749 . FRANCISCO, Marijoy R
750 . FRANCISCO, Yurgen S
751 . FRANCISCO, JR., Floriño J
754 . FRANCO, Katherine J
755 . FRIANEZA, I, Norberto J
756 . FUENTES, John Wayne B
757 . FUENTES, Lea G
758 . FULGENCIO, Jessica Divina E
759 . FULLANTE, Jenny Lynne T
760 . FUMERA, Jocelyn G
761 . GABAS, JR., Remedio T
762 . GABRIEL, Joselina Paula A
763 . GABRITO, Janice G
764 . GABUCAN, JR., Rogelio D
765 . GACAYAN, Jason Roland P
766 . GADIA, Sheryl T
767 . GAERLAN, Marvyn A
768 . GAGARACRUZ, Liza Ann A
769 . GALAGALA, Raul D
770 . GALANG, Mary Ivy Anne T
771 . GALAROSA, Gia Joy G
772 . GALARRITA, Christina Peach P
773 . GALAS, Madonna G
774 . GALINGAN, Rommel DC
775 . GALIT, Mcdonald M
776 . GALLEGO, Jean Mae L
777 . GALLO, Arnie Joy G
778 . GAMOLO, Gerlyn V
779 . GAMPONG, Gemayel P
780 . GANDAMATO, Al-johani M
781 . GANNABAN, Gerian Marez D
782 . GANNABAN-MEDINA, Suzette T
783 . GARAN, Richard Jayson C
784 . GARAY, Carlos N
785 . GARCES, Chrislyned G
786 . GARCES, Craig Shaun Bennett E
787 . GARCIA, Annabelle D
788 . GARCIA, Ednalyn L
789 . GARCIA, Fatima C
790 . GARCIA, Jane Hazel Marie S
791 . GARCIA, Jennie L
792 . GARCIA, Reynan M
793 . GARCIA, Robert Gamaliel B
794 . GARCIA, Roda Raizza V
795 . GARCIA, Ron Jayson M
796 . GARCIA, Willan S
797 . GARCIA, III, Placido O
798 . GARCIA-MENDOZA, Seralyn O
799 . GARCIA-MORERA, Marta Luisa Maria B
800 . GATCHALIAN, JR., Joseph D
801 . GATUS, Norman P
802 . GAUDIANO, Christer James Ray A
803 . GAVINO, Noelle S
804 . GAYTOS, Bobby John B
805 . GENERALAO, Jeanilyn Grace D
806 . GENOTA, Arthur J
807 . GENUINO, II, Abraham D
808 . GEORPE, Jessa Niña I
809 . GERMAR, Francis T
810 . GERMINAL, Romylen A
811 . GERONA, Ma. Victoria G
812 . GERONA, Mary Tifanie H
813 . GERONIMO, Luis Jose F
814 . GIANAN, Virgilio L
815 . GIGANTOCA, Adolf M
816 . GIGARE, Deza F
817 . GIL, Giovanni M
818 . GILIG, Vivencia V
819 . GIMENEZ, Maria Cristina R
820 . GIRARD, Claudita M
821 . GIRAY, Arman D
822 . GITAU, Leoponville Ndota Wambui DC
823 . GO, Anna Marie Cecilia T
824 . GO, Edward Anthony C
825 . GO, Jennifer S
826 . GO, Karen Joyce P
827 . GO, Maryl Karren Ang G
828 . GOLOCAN, Henson B
829 . GOMEZ, Christine May T
830 . GOMEZ, Joanna Patrice D
831 . GONZAGA, Joseph R
832 . GONZALES, Anthony M
833 . GONZALES, Christian Louie C
834 . GONZALES, Christine D
835 . GONZALES, Herbert R
836 . GONZALES, Jaime O
838 . GOZOS, Jonas Patrick M
839 . GRAFIL, II, Deogracias C
840 . GRANADA, Caryl H
841 . GRANADO, Agatha N
842 . GRANADOS, Paulo Jay A
843 . GRAPILON, Rene S
844 . GREGORIO, John Alexander A
845 . GREGORIO, Joseph Alenn R
846 . GRIÑO, Leonard A
847 . GRIÑO, III, Cornelio Erwin B
848 . GRUPO, Idonah Lee B
850 . GUANZON, Teresa Ira Maris P
851 . GUARDIANO, Diana Zoe B
852 . GUARIN, Francis Philip S
853 . GUERRERO, Joey Andrew G
854 . GUERRERO, Nenita M
855 . GUEVARRA, Maria Cristina Portia G
856 . GUIA, JR., Roland Antonio O
857 . GUIAMADEL, Muamar Rhys T
858 . GUIAO, Cecilia Therese T
859 . GUIAO, Chona T
860 . GUIRA, Sopfia Gay R
861 . GUIRHEM, Mary Grace P
862 . GUIRINDOLA, Mark Gerald D
863 . GUMAHAD, Marie Rose P
864 . GUMIA, Racquel Rose M
865 . GUMILAB, Sacrament S
866 . GUZMAN, Maria Anna Irene B
867 . GUZMAN, JR., Hercules T
868 . HABIBUN, Sheilwin U
869 . HADJI OMAR, Anihairah B
870 . HADJULA, Normina R
871 . HAKIM, Yasser M
872 . HALASAN, Ariel C
873 . HALILI, Jc M
874 . HANGDAAN, Annivest D
875 . HARAIN, Mustafa Dreza W
876 . HARINA, Ma. Sheryl L
877 . HELMUTH, Hazel L
878 . HERMOSO, David Augustus L
879 . HERNAL, Ma. Cristina S
880 . HERNANDEZ, Leilah G
881 . HERNANDEZ, Ramon Gerard S
882 . HERNANDEZ, Wendy Lynne P
883 . HERNANDO, Gayle Marie P
884 . HERRERA, Gladys Risenjoy U
885 . HERRERA, Joey V
886 . HERRERA, Miguel Cornelius C
887 . HERRERA, Nicole L
888 . HILAO, Victor Allan B
889 . HILARIO, Philip Jerome J
890 . HIPOS, Kristine Annabellee G
892 . HIZON, Joel Strauss Q
893 . HONTANOSAS, Fritz Albert O
894 . HORTILLOSA, Jana D
895 . HUANG, Francesca Noelle M
896 . HUFANA, Gilbert R
897 . IBAAN, Jocelyn C
898 . ICARO, Richard K
899 . IDIO, Clariza S
900 . IDOS, Jodalyn Z
901 . IGNACIO, Val Derek A
902 . ILAGAN, Miguel Narciso A
903 . ILAW-SANTONIA, Sharon G
904 . ILAYA, Rodante C
905 . ILIGAN, Ramon Jose B
906 . IMPERIAL, Hazel O
907 . IMPERIAL, Jelian Mae R
908 . IMPERIAL, Leo Archival I
909 . INESIN, Donaver S
910 . INGLES, John Patrick F
911 . INOCENCIO-DIOZO, Vanessa Lyn E
912 . INTIA, Joanne L
913 . IRINGAN, Reyvic L
915 . ISABEDRA, Gilbert I
916 . ISIDORO, Eiffel Q
917 . ISIP-REYES, Gayle Hazel S
918 . ISLA, Fatima Ann S
919 . ITULID, Christian S
920 . ITURRALDE, Joseph A
921 . JACINTO, Sheir Casandra M
922 . JACLA, Eleber B
923 . JACOBO, Anna Patricia P
924 . JAGOLINO, Shiela May J
925 . JAGONOS, Joan Q
926 . JALIPA, Melinaire L
927 . JALIPA, Norvin Ralph S
928 . JALLORINA, Russel A
929 . JALOVA, Daisy Joy DL
930 . JANABAJAL, Arnel A
931 . JANDAYAN, Jofred Paul P
932 . JANDOC, Apple R
933 . JANDOC, Maria Irene G
934 . JANIOLA, Nelson A
935 . JAVIER, Franco Exequiel Manuel S
936 . JAVIER, Leah P
937 . JAVIER, Maria Feliza Amparo Christina S
938 . JAVIER, Rolynne A
939 . JIMENEZ, Charity L
940 . JIMENEZ, Rez S
941 . JOLO, Edgar Vincent P
942 . JOMILLA, Dan Kirby S
943 . JORDAN-MERILO, Ruby Christie C
944 . JOSOL, Glenda B
945 . JOSON, Andrea S
946 . JOSON, Roehl G
947 . JOVELLANOS, Kevin Lee Z
948 . JOVEN, Gerald John G
949 . JOYA, Jamella Anne Marie F
950 . JOYA, Rania Joie Marie D
951 . JUNGCO, JR., Enrique A
952 . KALAW, Irish Kay L
953 . KANDA, Aiza Mae J
954 . KEITH, Thorrsson M
955 . KEMPIS, Christine Mary Rose B
956 . KIBITEN-RAMOS, May Flor B
957 . KIMAYONG, Romelyn A
958 . KITONG, Jeniby V
959 . LABAN, III, Augustin P
960 . LABAO, Rex C
961 . LABAY, Jo Blanca PB
962 . LABRA, Ariel O
963 . LACANARIA, Fritzie S
964 . LACASA-MACHICA, Christian May T
965 . LACEDA, Elaine Marie G
966 . LAGMAN, Ser Monina M
967 . LAGMAY, Rony A
968 . LAGOS, Peter Chuck A
969 . LAGRAMADA, JR., Pacifico L
970 . LAGUNDI, Maria Andrea C
971 . LAIG, Maria Christina L
972 . LAJARA, Soliman B
973 . LAMARCA, Justine Anne L
974 . LAMBAN, Jannise Karolle R
975 . LAMELA, Jherwin A
976 . LANDOY, Karl Stephen C
977 . LANG-AYAN, Charles Bronson B
978 . LANO, Ria Corazon S
979 . LANQUIBO-TANTAY, Norylyn I
980 . LANSANG, Blesscilda O
981 . LANTION, Adolf Ryan S
982 . LANUZA, Diane Karryll C
983 . LANZONA-ESTRELLADO, Maria Lourdes G
984 . LAO, Christopher John P
985 . LAO, Sweet Charity S
986 . LAPADA, JR., Fabio T
987 . LAPUZ, Michelle Anne S
988 . LATOSA, Miavelle R
989 . LAURE, Cyrus James G
990 . LAURENTE, Rudylen O
991 . LAURENTINO, Jeannie A
992 . LAURETA, Andre Anacleto C
993 . LAVILLA, Mary Joy A
994 . LAVISTA, John Michael V
995 . LAVIÑA, Lizzamae Grace A
996 . LAYNES, Maria Carla C
997 . LAYUG, Kristina G
998 . LAZAGA, Jed Carlo S
999 . LAZARO, Christian O
1000 . LAZARO, Kathryn B
1001 . LECCIO, Patrich Jerome C
1002 . LEE, Haidee C
1003 . LEE, Je Norhaynee Krsytel G
1004 . LEE, Jennifer C
1005 . LEGASPI, Melissa Grace G
1006 . LEGASTO, Vanessa G
1007 . LEPITEN, Jerome N
1008 . LERIO, Janice A
1009 . LERIT, Julius Cezar T
1010 . LERO, Heart C
1011 . LEUTERIO, Giancarlo Romano M
1012 . LEYBAG, Aileen C
1013 . LEYNES, Aimee Claire DG
1014 . LI, Elizabeth W
1015 . LI, Tiffany W
1016 . LIAO, Joanna Marie A
1017 . LIBAN-BARILLO, Janice G
1018 . LIBANAN, Darrell A
1019 . LIBAYAN, Ranny Randolf B
1020 . LIBUIT-ARROYO, Marigold C
1021 . LIDUA, JR., Nelson T
1022 . LIGAN, James Russel D
1023 . LIGO, Ma. Aries P
1024 . LIM, Cherry May A
1025 . LIM, Jay-r C
1026 . LIM, Jerwin James C
1027 . LIM, Maria Alice C
1028 . LIM, Mark Johan K
1029 . LIM, Mary Rocelyn P
1030 . LIM, Nico Benedict L
1031 . LIM, Severina Bella T
1032 . LINA, Philip M
1033 . LINA, JR., Edgardo B
1034 . LINO, Kimmy Ross M
1035 . LIPANA, Diane Shayne D
1036 . LISING, Daniel D
1037 . LISONDRA, Vals P
1038 . LIWAGON, Bob Jones S
1039 . LIZARONDO, Maureen Christine O
1040 . LLAGUNO, Ma. Asuncion R
1041 . LLANIGUEZ, III, Carlos A
1042 . LLANORA, Kristine Ann C
1043 . LLOREN, Flocerfina E
1044 . LO, Vicente Carlos S
1045 . LOBREGAT, Ma. Cristina V
1046 . LOFRANCO, Ryan Neil R
1047 . LOGICO, Louie Alfren E
1048 . LOGRONIO, Mel Nick S
1049 . LOJA, Reyan C
1050 . LOMOLJO, Divina Katrina R
1051 . LOOD, Ma. Jasmine P
1052 . LOPEZ, Alex Francis Ver R
1053 . LOPEZ, Diana Grace V
1054 . LOPEZ, Francis Angelo A
1055 . LOPEZ, Jan Karlo S
1056 . LOPEZ, Minerva F
1057 . LOPEZ, Paul Gino S
1058 . LOPEZ, Severine Lizeta Constancia L
1059 . LOPEZ, JR., Adolfo T
1060 . LOPEZ, JR., Serafin D
1061 . LORENZO, Allan Vincent B
1062 . LORENZO, Johanna Aleria P
1063 . LORENZO, John Ian S
1064 . LOREZCO, Ted Emmanuel M
1065 . LOSANDE, Buddy Rey L
1066 . LOTILLA, Karll G
1067 . LOZAÑES, Doriedel G
1068 . LUCANEY, Denver P
1069 . LUCAÑAS, Dollyn April A
1070 . LUCIO, Ma. Rosanna C
1071 . LUGO, Monfrey C
1072 . LUGOD, Lorraine T
1073 . LUGTU, Marian Alexandra R
1074 . LUMAGUI, Rommell D
1075 . LUMINATE, Darwin G
1076 . LUMUNSAD, Ryan A
1077 . LUNA, Aissa Celine H
1078 . LUNA, Eric Francis G
1079 . LUPANGO-TAMAYO, Sheara L
1080 . LUTCHAVEZ, Mazna R
1081 . LUTELLA, Adrian B
1082 . MAALA, Jennifer M
1083 . MAANDIG, JR., Lionel M
1084 . MABAGOS, JR., Roberto D
1085 . MABALOT, JR., Roberto B
1086 . MABBAGU, Patrick D
1087 . MABOLO, Rene Paolo G
1088 . MACABALES, Emee I
1090 . MACAHILAS, Sarah Jane C
1091 . MACAIRAN, Marvin Kris T
1092 . MACARAYA, Jema Sharae J
1093 . MACARIO, Maribel B
1094 . MACASAYON, Sittie Tonina B
1095 . MACOROL, Ronald R
1096 . MACUTAY, Cherryl Arni F
1097 . MACWES, Meshack C
1098 . MADAMBA, Linus V
1099 . MADANGENG, Rizzabel A
1100 . MADANLO, Abigail T
1101 . MADDARA, Robert R
1102 . MADERAL, Tiffany Grace P
1103 . MADRIAGA, Louise B
1104 . MADRID, Michael B
1105 . MADRONA, Sofronio T
1106 . MAGALLANES, Jeziel L
1107 . MAGISTRADO, Francis P
1108 . MAGNO, JR., Rosendo C
1109 . MAGPANTAY, JR., Federico L
1110 . MAGTIBAY, JR., Arleo Antonio R
1111 . MAGUNDAYAO, Ryan Joseph A
1112 . MAHUMOC, Dulce Amor P
1113 . MAIDIN, Rhahezza N
1114 . MAITIM, Melquisedic L
1115 . MALABANAN, Marjorie-ann M
1116 . MALANA, John Amador L
1117 . MALANG, Jan Mikhail M
1118 . MALASAGA, Joel P
1119 . MALAYA, Joseph Anthony I
1120 . MALIMAS, Napoleon Regan D
1121 . MALIWANAG, Christine Olivia T
1122 . MALLILLIN, Alexandrino H
1123 . MALLILLIN, Victor Paul E
1124 . MALONDA, Michael B
1125 . MAMUKID, Norliza M
1126 . MANALAYSAY, Ma. Luisa D
1127 . MANALILI, Jorge Vincent G
1128 . MANALOTO, Kathryn Paz Consuelo M
1129 . MANARANG, Katherine Jane L
1130 . MANAYANG, Linel C
1131 . MANDOCDOC, JR., Romulo S
1132 . MANESE, Michelle Karla C
1133 . MANGAMPO, Flora F
1134 . MANGANTULAO, Raidah M
1135 . MANGINGA, Hiede S
1136 . MANGOBA, Shiara P
1137 . MANGOMPIA, Hedjarah B
1138 . MANIGBAS, Anne Catherine B
1139 . MANINGAT, Julio Ma. Edmundo D
1140 . MANIPON-GABRIEL, Imelda C
1141 . MANIWANG, Michelle Diana P
1142 . MANJARES, Michael T
1143 . MANLIQUEZ, Vanessa Lou M
1144 . MANONGSONG, Wyna Lee J
1145 . MANONGTONG, Ilyn S
1146 . MANTILLA-OBENZA, Maria Izyll Candice P
1147 . MAPPANG, Shandra Diane P
1148 . MARALIT, Ben John A
1149 . MARAMBA, Maria Lourdes B
1150 . MARANION, Jerome A
1151 . MARASIGAN, JR., Emmanuel E
1152 . MARATA, Terence M
1153 . MARAÑA, JR., Dulcisimo A
1154 . MARBAS, Thyrza F
1155 . MARBELLA, Carl Sha Jemimah F
1156 . MARBIL, Socrates Benjie I
1157 . MARCAIDA, Edward John D
1158 . MARCAIDA, Ginalyn R
1159 . MARCIAL, Owen S
1160 . MARCO, Francisco Sandino A
1161 . MARDERS, Richelle Mari M
1162 . MARFIL, Maria Frances M
1163 . MARISCAL, Aristeo P
1164 . MAROHOMSALIC, Nashmyleen A
1165 . MARQUEZ, Emmanuel D
1166 . MARQUEZ, Karen Marjorie B
1167 . MARQUEZ, Maria Kim O
1168 . MARTE, Melanie M
1169 . MARTIN, Lynn A
1170 . MARTIN, Strawberry Anne Aubrey B
1171 . MARTINEZ, Jeff L
1172 . MARTINEZ, Joseph Eufemio S
1173 . MARTINEZ, Manuel
1174 . MARTINEZ, Nancy B
1175 . MARTINEZ, Rosalyn D
1176 . MARTIREZ, Ma. Florence Therese DG
1177 . MASANGCAY, Frederick P
1178 . MASILUNGAN, Donnarence M
1179 . MASTURA, Lailane T
1180 . MATAS, Jerome A
1181 . MATAS, Krischelle B
1182 . MATEO, Ian M
1183 . MATIBAG, Kathrina Grace F
1184 . MATIENZO, Herbert DG
1185 . MATIGNAS, JR., Ramon A
1186 . MATTI, Shelou G
1187 . MAYORALGO, Mercedes Isabel B
1188 . MAYUGA, Rachelle Ann T
1189 . MAYUGA, Wilhelmina Aileen B
1190 . MAYUGA-PEREZ, Katherina B
1191 . MEDALLE, Angely P
1192 . MEDIANTE, Michelle DL
1193 . MEDILO, Lawrence L
1194 . MEDINA, Maricon E
1195 . MENDEZ, Frances Nicola B
1196 . MENDIOLA, Oliver C
1197 . MENDOZA, Allan M
1198 . MENDOZA, Anna Marie C
1199 . MENDOZA, Charisse Mae V
1200 . MENDOZA, Juan Carlos DC
1201 . MENDOZA, Lheila Mozenda C
1202 . MENDOZA, P. Winston B
1203 . MENDOZA, Raymond Alvin M
1204 . MENDOZA, Robespierre B
1205 . MENDOZA, Sylwyn Nabor V
1206 . MENDOZA, II, Leonardo B
1207 . MENDOZA-GABRIANA, Ma. Laarni Rycelle B
1208 . MENOR, Edward M
1209 . MERCADO, Crystal A
1210 . MERCADO, Jerome Michael Y
1211 . MEREGILLANO, David Chaim R
1212 . MIANO, Nory Dianne R
1213 . MIJARES, Maria Agatha A
1214 . MILA, Julius C
1215 . MILITAR, Elizur G
1216 . MINA, Rhea Stephanie E
1217 . MINGAO, JR., Norberto M
1218 . MIOLE, JR., Hector M
1219 . MIRAFLOR, Jan Patrick O
1220 . MIRALLES, Nadine Faye C
1221 . MIRALLES, Rachelle S
1222 . MIRANDA, Fernand Joseph D
1223 . MIRANDA, Patricia B
1224 . MIRAS, Adrian G
1225 . MIRASOL, Ken Mark E
1226 . MISA, Ma. Angela Noelle F
1227 . MISADOR, Oliver T
1228 . MISSION, V, Ruben F
1229 . MOHAMMADALI, Fatimah U
1230 . MOLINA, Arvin Stephen L
1231 . MOLINA, Maria Xandralyn M
1232 . MOLINA, Marilyn A
1233 . MONES, Johann Patrick C
1234 . MONFORT, Kristine P
1235 . MONTA, Meriam M
1236 . MONTANCES, Joanne F
1237 . MONTECILLO,JR., Margarito D
1238 . MONTEMAYOR, JR., Carlos A
1239 . MONTERO, Marjorie Leigh T
1240 . MONTES, Kristie Joy B
1241 . MONTES, Lendl Floyd B
1242 . MONTEZA, Madelaine Marie B
1243 . MORAL, Christina Alma M
1244 . MORALEDA, Felix Robert A
1245 . MORALES, Anthony M
1246 . MORALES, Brainard J
1247 . MORALES, Maureen Marie G
1248 . MORALES, Victor Manuel F
1249 . MORANO, Ferdinand R
1250 . MORENO, Gilberto E
1251 . MORENO, Ryan Christopher A
1252 . MORI, Honey Mae G
1253 . MORTEL, Christopher M
1254 . MUCHO, Carl Jon P
1255 . MULA, Persis Niña M
1256 . MUNSAYAC, Michael G
1257 . MUYRONG, Archie Paul C
1258 . NAGA, Fatimah M
1259 . NAGA, Omar-sharief M
1260 . NALUPTA, Richard Alvin M
1261 . NAMIT, Wetzel R
1262 . NAPAO, Romela Mae L
1263 . NAPARAN, Eva Christine V
1264 . NAPICOL, Indira P
1265 . NARCILLA, Glenda C
1266 . NARCISO, Kaiser Kate C
1267 . NARVAEZ, Joanna Maries V
1268 . NATIVIDAD, Deogracias M
1269 . NATIVIDAD, JR., Marcelino D
1270 . NAVAL, Loise Rae G
1271 . NAVALES, Kristopher A
1272 . NAVAROZA, Daryl V
1273 . NAVARRO, Audrynne Castles S
1274 . NAVARRO, Christy P
1275 . NAVARRO, Dennis C
1276 . NAVARRO, Louella B
1277 . NAVARROZA, Ghel C
1278 . NEBRES, Mabelle O
1279 . NEPOMUCENO, Cecille P
1280 . NERI, May Clemence C
1281 . NGO, Webster D
1282 . NICER, Julie Ethel Marie A
1283 . NICOLAS, John Goodlucky V
1284 . NICOLAS, Maylene M
1285 . NIEVES, Ronald Jerome P
1286 . NIÑAL, Jose Marie A
1287 . NOBLEZA, Arlyn J
1288 . NOGRALES, Amanda Marie F
1289 . NOLASCO, Juan Jaime D
1290 . NOLLORA, Dutch Manuel R
1291 . NOROMBABA, Teachie Felina O
1292 . NUFABLE, Nefretery M
1293 . OBERAS, John Paul L
1294 . OBLIGADO, Neil Arvin B
1295 . OBMINA, Paul Angelo D
1296 . OBRERO, Maria Kathrina D
1297 . OCAMPO, Bryan Chester F
1298 . OCAMPO, Christian Joy O
1299 . OCAMPO, Christine E
1300 . OCAMPO, Michael B
1301 . OCAMPO-TAN, Elaine Christine K
1302 . OCCIANO, Salvador Heriberto E
1303 . OCENAR, Jerico C
1304 . OCHOA, Kristine Gail C
1305 . ODASAN, Carina G
1306 . ODRON, Bernard R
1307 . OLDAN, Kristine G
1308 . OLIVA, Erwin S
1309 . OLIVA, Ryan P
1310 . OLIVARES, Mary Grace Z
1311 . OLLAGING, Nova B
1312 . OLOTEO, Philbert A
1313 . OLPOC, Peter Roderick M
1314 . OMPOC, Javin Dominic G
1315 . ONG, Carlo Emmanuel D
1316 . ONG, Joanna Kim A
1317 . ONG, John Y
1318 . ONGAN, Jeanna B
1319 . ONIDA, Carmen Rosario I
1320 . ONSAT, Federico E
1321 . OPERARIO, Rhenelle Mae O
1322 . OPERAÑA, Marlon C
1323 . OPERIANO, Danilo F
1324 . OPETINA, Leandro N
1325 . OPIÑA, Ronalyn M
1326 . OPRIASA, Miralyn C
1327 . OPULENCIA, Charissa Eloisa Julia R
1328 . ORALLER, Livi N
1329 . ORDOÑO, Olyne C
1330 . ORGE, Jane Pauline C
1331 . ORTALEZA, Liza R
1332 . ORTEGA, Lizar U
1333 . ORTIZ, II, Claro Paulo T
1334 . OUANO, Bryant E
1335 . PAAT, Bernard D
1336 . PABALATE, Mark Gjefferson E
1337 . PABLO, Homer L
1338 . PACASEM, Badrodin B
1339 . PACATANG, Ivan Louie
1340 . PACATANG, JR., Michael Reonel S
1341 . PACETE, Johanna B
1342 . PACIFICADOR, Zann Paolo L
1343 . PACLIBAR, Lorna P
1344 . PACULANANG, Chervin C
1345 . PADAOAN, Melvin H
1346 . PADERANGA, Katleya C
1347 . PADILLA, Bianca Emma M
1348 . PADILLA, Harvey James L
1349 . PADILLA, Kristine J
1350 . PADON-RABANAL, Kristal Mary Y
1351 . PAGANAJE, Julie Karen U
1352 . PAGANDIYAN, Leo L
1353 . PAGATPAT, Philip Jun A
1354 . PAGUIO, Joanna Marie F
1355 . PAGUNTALAN, Jenny T
1356 . PAJO, Rico B
1357 . PALABRAS, Henedine P
1358 . PALACIO, Joan C
1359 . PALACIO, Kevin P
1360 . PALAD-BERNANTE, Margarita T
1361 . PALADAN, Joel F
1362 . PALANAN, Ernie F
1363 . PALANCA, Leogina S
1364 . PALARCA, Chris David D
1365 . PALATTAO, IV, Rodolfo John Robert C
1366 . PALMA, II, Wilter W
1367 . PALMARES, Maria Lorena E
1368 . PALMES, Connie S
1369 . PAMALOY, Sittie Raifah M
1370 . PAMARAN, Dean Ace A
1371 . PANADO, Eunice Scarlet Joy S
1372 . PANAGUITON, Catherine S
1373 . PANCHO, Emerald B
1375 . PANIZALES, Precious Grace S
1376 . PANO, Bryann Jett S
1377 . PANOPIO, Karren Cecil I
1378 . PANTALEON, Cheryl P
1379 . PANTI, Recto M
1380 . PANTUA, Anthony Dinnes C
1381 . PANZO, Jimmy Rose C
1382 . PAPIO, Jennifer P
1383 . PAR, Angelo S
1384 . PARAS, Jose Maria T
1385 . PARCON, Jerry Frank C
1386 . PAREL, Ramoncito C
1387 . PARIS, Reynaldo F
1388 . PASAMBA, Roberto V
1389 . PASCUA, Dominique P
1390 . PASCUA, JR., Manuel M
1391 . PASCUAL, Charlie DC
1392 . PASCUAL, Romaine G
1393 . PASIOL, Jap Laarni T
1394 . PASION, Eric Emmanuel C
1395 . PATAM-KI, Rachelle G
1396 . PATAWARAN, Richelle Dianne R
1397 . PATILLEROS, Kristine B
1398 . PATOC, Alex A
1399 . PATULOT, Juliet N
1400 . PAULINO, Lex A
1401 . PAWINGI, Michelle P
1402 . PEDROZA, Leslie M
1403 . PEJO, Salvacion Soledad B
1404 . PELAEZ, III, Efrain Julio Jose G
1405 . PELAGIO, Danilo P
1406 . PELIÑA, Christian C
1407 . PENILLA, Theresa R
1408 . PENILLOS, Angelica S
1409 . PEPITO, Elijah Manuel Z
1410 . PEPITO, Teodoro Roteo T
1411 . PEQUE, Marie A
1412 . PERALTA, Ariel P
1413 . PERALTA, Josie C
1414 . PERALTA, Juvy A
1415 . PERALTA, Marc Anthony M
1416 . PERALTA, Veronica T
1417 . PEREZ, Aiza Riz S
1418 . PEREZ, Byron P
1419 . PEREZ, Richard V
1420 . PEREZ-QUILILAN, Mary Camille S
1421 . PEREZ-VILLAGOMEZ, Jocelyn E
1422 . PEÑA, Charisse B
1423 . PEÑA, JR., Manuel P
1424 . PEÑA-CAREÑA, Ruby Jane S
1425 . PILOTON, Alan B
1426 . PINEDA, Billy Joel M
1427 . PINEDA, Gemma Grace G
1428 . PINEDA, Jaklyn Hanna V
1429 . PINEDA, Ryan Daryl G
1430 . PINGOL, Precious Ellen L
1431 . PINGUL, Carla S
1432 . PINSOY, Jasmin N
1433 . PINTUCAN, Maricel C
1434 . PIO, John Peter L
1435 . PIRAMIDE, Charisse L
1436 . PIZAÑA, Aileen Grace P
1437 . PIÑGOL, Jose Crisanto V
1438 . PLATA, Renan A
1439 . PLAZA, Glenn P
1440 . PLAZA, Zander J
1441 . PLAZA, III, Manuel S
1442 . PODOT, William P
1443 . POLIDO, Ma. Lourdes C
1444 . POMARIN, Eveart Grace O
1445 . POOTEN, Wylver B
1446 . PORMENTO, Gemaine D
1447 . PORTER, Jan Michael Anthony S
1448 . PORTUGAL, Jan Pearl F
1449 . POSADAS, Stefanie Marie A
1450 . POSO, Charles L
1451 . POSTRADO, Realyn M
1452 . PRADO, Amy V
1453 . PRIETO, Pamela Tammy A
1454 . PRINCIPE, Myra M
1455 . PRINCIPE, Princess Marie Anne T
1456 . PUA, Brian N
1457 . PUA, Kennard U
1458 . PUENTESPINA, May Suzanne N
1459 . PULMANO, Reden B
1460 . PUNZALAN, Angela J
1461 . PUNZALAN, Gilbert J
1462 . PURA, III, Valentin A
1463 . PURGANAN, Paolo John D
1464 . PUYOS, Fe V
1465 . QUA, Irene Marie P
1466 . QUE, Leanne Herschel C
1467 . QUEBRAL, JR., Romulo E
1468 . QUEZON, Shangrila C
1469 . QUIAMAS, Jane Frances A
1470 . QUIAMBAO, Jeffrey DJ
1471 . QUIBRAL, Raina Andrea C
1472 . QUICO, Rambo F
1473 . QUIDET, Magnolia T
1474 . QUIMIO, Glenn Anthony M
1475 . QUINITO, Marie Antonette U
1476 . QUINSAY, Stacy G
1477 . QUINTOS, Ronadette B
1478 . QUITOLA, Elena Maye S
1479 . QUITORIANO, Jovina G
1480 . QUIÑANOLA, Edison A
1481 . RACAZA, Jennifer Hazel A
1482 . RACELIS, Alwin P
1483 . RACHO, Mary Livee L
1484 . RACHO-NEPOMUCENO, Kristine C
1485 . RADOVAN, Melanie Rose Marie B
1486 . RAFAL-ROBLE, Cherry Liez O
1487 . RAFLORES, Amabel T
1488 . RAGAMAT, William G
1489 . RAMIENTAS, Jeffrey A
1490 . RAMIL, Maricel A
1491 . RAMIREZ, Romulo P
1492 . RAMOLETE, Mark Gil J
1493 . RAMOS, Diana Rose B
1494 . RAMOS, Gay C
1495 . RAMOS, Leslie G
1496 . RAMOS, Maricar G
1497 . RAMOS, Phebean Belle A
1498 . RAMOS, Voltaire B
1499 . RANARA-NECESARIO, Maria Pacita M
1500 . RASONABLE, Charles B
1501 . RAZOTE, Jade R
1502 . RAÑADA, JR., Rey A
1503 . RAÑESES, Amore Rex B
1504 . REAL, Maricris L
1505 . REAL, JR., John Roy Robert G
1506 . REALO, Glenn B
1507 . REBUELTA, Josef June Z
1508 . RECIO, James Andrew N
1509 . RECTO, Angelica Anne B
1510 . RED, Christine Lovely E
1511 . REFUGIO, Gregorio R
1512 . REGALA, Xerxes R
1513 . REGALADO, Julie Ann B
1514 . REGALADO, Maria Angela Regina B
1515 . REGIS, Gerard Anthony C
1516 . REGUAL, Samichael Nostradamus U
1517 . RELOPEZ, Kevin Edrick P
1518 . RELUNIA, Cirenne Mei M
1519 . RELUYA, Philline Rosamae P
1520 . RENOMERON, Hyacinth D
1521 . RENONG, Jenna Mary Leen L
1522 . REOTUTAR, Jiezl Gabrielle G
1523 . REPOLLO, Kirk Bryan J
1524 . REQUINA, Wilmar K
1525 . RESPICIO, Anna Francesca C
1526 . REVISA, Kirk William B
1527 . REYES, Cherry Lou T
1528 . REYES, Earl Alfred B
1529 . REYES, Florence Albert B
1530 . REYES, Izah Katrina T
1531 . REYES, Jennifer Gayle B
1532 . REYES, Jennifer Rose P
1533 . REYES, Noemi R
1534 . REYES, Robert Christopher F
1535 . REYES, Roland A
1536 . REYES, Trixia Theresa B
1537 . REYES-EUGENIO, Jehan T
1538 . REYES-MARCOS, Marie Grace Divina P
1539 . REYNANTE, Prescia Vanessa A
1540 . REYNES, Culbert G
1541 . REYNON, JR., William A
1542 . RICASATA, III, Ruben Gerald V
1543 . RICO, Rimo M
1544 . RIDON, James Mark Terry L
1545 . RIVERA, Lanie D
1546 . RIVERO, Andy G
1547 . ROBEA, Edward L
1548 . ROBILLOS, Archimedes G
1549 . ROBINO, Jennette D
1550 . ROBIS, Revi D
1551 . ROBLES, JR., Domingo S
1552 . ROCAS, Karla Mae M
1553 . ROCERO, Fatima Clarisse C
1554 . RODRIGO, Roberto Rey S
1555 . RODRIGUEZ, Rogelio C
1556 . RODRIGUEZ, Ronaldo G
1557 . RODULFO, Michael Ian F
1558 . RODULFO, JR., Oliver S
1559 . ROGELIO, Ferdinand G
1560 . ROJAS, Hyacinth M
1561 . ROJO, Lail A
1562 . ROMAN, Vernice Lauren S
1563 . ROMANO, Joseph G
1564 . ROMANO, Raymond P
1565 . ROMERO, Jing-jing S
1566 . ROMULO, Aigy R
1567 . RONDINA, Rached P
1568 . RONQUILLO, Ferdinand Mark C
1569 . RONQUILLO, Shiela Mae B
1570 . ROQUE, Beatrice Eusebia P
1571 . ROQUE, Noel R
1572 . ROQUE, Raymond R
1573 . ROSALES, Maria Luisa Isabel L
1574 . ROSALES, Samantha Wesley K
1575 . ROSARIO, Mercy Diane GC
1576 . ROSITO, Henry B
1577 . ROXAS, JR., Leopoldo E
1578 . RUFLO, Juanita Christine S
1579 . RUIZ, Flerida G
1580 . RUIZ, Juby Bernadette R
1581 . RUIZ, Roviric M
1582 . RUIZ-POLIZON, Shana Mae A
1583 . RULIDA, Ardel Ryan D
1584 . RUPINTA, Rodrigo G
1585 . RUSTE, Benjamin Jose D
1586 . SABBEN, Joycee R
1587 . SABITSANA, Michelle PM
1588 . SABONG, Mary Grace L
1589 . SACRAMENTO, Geomelyn Sarah D
1590 . SADEGHI-TAJAR, Patrick Muhammad Ali O
1591 . SADIAN, John Carlo Gil M
1592 . SADICON, Marius Jovenus Ian S
1593 . SAEZ, Jul Davi P
1594 . SAGABAEN, John-john C
1595 . SAGAYADAN, Leon Miguel E
1596 . SAGAYO, Jules Carlson B
1597 . SAJOR, Michael Tito R
1598 . SALALIMA, Jason John S
1599 . SALAMAT, Dahlia B
1600 . SALAZAR, Kilsten O
1601 . SALAZAR, Maria Carmela B
1602 . SALINAS, Simoun Antonio M
1603 . SALONGA, Eugene Carlo DR
1604 . SALTING, JR., Alfredo A
1605 . SALUDEZ-ESTEBAN, Arlynne T
1606 . SALUNAT, Erlou V
1607 . SALVA, Francis John R
1608 . SALVADOR, Maria Cecilia Gertrudes R
1609 . SALVADOR, Rigel A
1610 . SALVATIERRA, Jeamie Y
1611 . SAMARITA, Raymond M
1612 . SAMILIN, Kristine G
1613 . SAMPAGA, Genesis L
1614 . SAMSON, Barbie E
1615 . SAMSON, Rina D
1616 . SAN DIEGO, Lyvette D
1617 . SAN JOSE, Tiara Marie J
1618 . SAN JUAN, Christian E
1619 . SAN JUAN, Guia Bianca V
1620 . SAN PEDRO, JR., Rodrigo M
1621 . SANCHEZ, Arnel M
1622 . SANCHEZ, Janice C
1623 . SANCHEZ, Roberto Iñigo D
1624 . SANGUAL, Marites F
1625 . SANICO, Florante Clod T
1626 . SANSARONA, JR., Mamarico L
1627 . SANTIAGO, Criselda S
1628 . SANTIAGO, Geneflor L
1629 . SANTIAGO, Janette S
1630 . SANTIAGO, Rodolfo B
1631 . SANTILLAN, Ann Murray Y
1632 . SANTILLAN, Cleo Marie C
1633 . SANTOK, Gene Darryl R
1634 . SANTOS, Charrie M
1635 . SANTOS, Christine R
1636 . SANTOS, Christopher John SJ
1637 . SANTOS, Clarence S
1638 . SANTOS, Juan Paulo C
1639 . SANTOS, Manolo Adel M
1640 . SANTOS, Maria Kristina R
1641 . SANTOS, Victor Eleazar SJ
1642 . SANTOS, JR., Ronaldo L
1643 . SAPLA, Joyce A
1644 . SARADAIN, Baltazar S
1645 . SARANILLO, Carl Marlou C
1646 . SARAPUDDIN, Mohammad Bhydir B
1647 . SARGADO, Jeremiah D
1648 . SARIL, Ma. Rosafe Amelou V
1649 . SARMIENTO, Kelly A
1650 . SARMIENTO, Nina Mikaela S
1651 . SATUITO, Bernardo N
1652 . SAUNAR, Kris Norwin B
1653 . SAUZ, Raphael A
1654 . SAVILLA, Doreen Ann C
1655 . SAVILLA, Jesse Rainier F
1656 . SAWATE, Lurieta T
1657 . SEBOLLENA, JR., Danilo M
1658 . SEGISMUNDO, Nestor P
1659 . SEGUBIENSE, Reynaldo F
1660 . SENIEL, Dax C
1661 . SENO, Maricel R
1662 . SEPACIO, Erwin T
1663 . SERIÑA, Izabel F
1664 . SESANTE, Kenneth Kernn A
1665 . SIA, Lawrence C
1666 . SIAN, Dikki Jean Y
1667 . SIANOYA, Ana Lee T
1668 . SIAPNO, Emmanuel Noah C
1669 . SILERIO, Domilyn G
1670 . SILVA, Ina Bianka D
1671 . SILVESTRE, Ryan O
1672 . SIMON, Michelle E
1673 . SIMYUNN, Henry H
1674 . SINGAYAN, Diane Maxima B
1675 . SINGCOL, Ana Theressa D
1676 . SINGSON, Izra Elita C
1677 . SINGSON, Kristelle G
1678 . SINGSON, Sheldon Melanio S
1679 . SOBEJANA, Elmer I
1680 . SOGUILON, Israel C
1681 . SOL, Rozelin Rochette DJ
1682 . SOLACITO, Robie Ann G
1683 . SOLAMO, Clipton J
1684 . SOLANO, Ryan James D
1685 . SOLIS, Marben Julter D
1686 . SOLIS-GARCIA, Maria Myren S
1687 . SOLLESTA, Christy Marie A
1688 . SOMERA, JR., Bernardino Paul R
1689 . SORIA, Roselyn M
1690 . SORIANO, Rio Ariel A
1691 . SORIANO, Suzanne Bernadette P
1692 . SORIAO, Francis Victor B
1693 . SORIQUEZ, Mark John M
1694 . SOTELO, Manilyn Rose S
1695 . STA. LUCIA, Richmund C
1696 . STA. MARIA, Kris Bernadette T
1697 . STA. RITA, Ken Edward S
1698 . STO. DOMINGO, JR., Rey A
1699 . SUAREZ, Czarina Keziah E
1700 . SUAREZ, Gilbert T
1701 . SUAREZ, Katrina Farrah P
1702 . SUAREZ, Michelle Carisse N
1703 . SUBALDO, JR., Clodualdo E
1704 . SUCION, Joselino N
1705 . SUDARIO, Louis C
1706 . SUETOS, Myrene Q
1707 . SUICO, Diana E
1708 . SUICO, Louie W
1709 . SULAY, Clarmanette B
1710 . SULOG, Alyassar Saudi S
1711 . SULTAN, Harriett E
1712 . SUMAOANG, Lerma M
1713 . SUMPINGAN-LOMANGCOLOB, Sittie Noronnisa M
1714 . SUNGAHID, Cindy Antonette M
1715 . SUNICO, Khrisna P
1716 . SURINGA, Vanessa M
1717 . SUYAT, Noel S
1718 . SUÑGA, Mark John B
1719 . SY, Ariane Camille M
1720 . SY, Katrina May O
1721 . SY JUCO, Mary Angeline E
1722 . TA-ACA, Eric G
1723 . TABAMO, IV, Jose Jat J
1724 . TABILAS-ABIVA, Cristamarie D
1726 . TABONIGAO, Maria Dianne C
1727 . TADTAD, JR., G. Silas I
1728 . TAGLE, Brian Edward M
1729 . TAGNIA, Roderick B
1730 . TAGSA, Joseph Benjamin P
1731 . TAGUFA, Kristofer S
1732 . TAGULAO, Louie Belle C
1733 . TALLADA, JR., Cornelio R
1734 . TAMARES, John Joseph S
1735 . TAMARGO, JR., Franklin P
1736 . TAMAYAO, Katrina Bianca T
1737 . TAMAYO, Dinah Jane R
1738 . TAMAYO, James Jules B
1739 . TAMAYO-JIMENEA, Ghizelle Jean S
1740 . TAN, Anne Stephanie B
1741 . TAN, Glendale J
1742 . TAN, Jason Rainier T
1743 . TAN, Kristina G
1744 . TAN, Maria Rois S
1745 . TAN, Mary Caroline A
1746 . TAN, Paul Edward V
1747 . TANGLAO, JR., Fernando L
1748 . TAPALES, Sonia S
1749 . TAPANGAN, Tessa Mae R
1750 . TARCE, Christian L
1751 . TARO, Cristina S
1752 . TARUC-BATALLA, Leira Leonor S
1753 . TAWAGON, Sittie Aisa Azisaida L
1754 . TAYAO, Joseph D
1755 . TAÑEDO, June Catherine G
1756 . TEJADA, Gracielle M
1757 . TEJANO, Francis John L
1758 . TEJANO, Sheena May D
1759 . TEJERO, Eric Jason S
1760 . TEJERO, Joahnna Eve S
1761 . TEJERO, III, Jaime R
1762 . TENDENCIA, Kristine A
1763 . TENEFRANCIA, Yvette C
1764 . TENORIO, Cris P
1765 . TESALONA, Michelle Anne C
1766 . TIANELA, Noel P
1767 . TIBLE, Stephanie Anne V
1768 . TINGCHUY, Azenith B
1769 . TIONGSON, Renee Stephanie B
1770 . TOLENTINO, Anne Chinika L
1771 . TOLENTINO, Francisco Paolo Rafael G
1772 . TOLETE-JUCO, Mary Ann M
1773 . TOLIBAS, Francis T
1774 . TOMANENG, Guia Marie M
1775 . TOMENIO, Cecilia A
1776 . TONDARES, Graziella C
1777 . TORNO, Ricardo Luis M
1778 . TORNO, Vanessa Anne A
1779 . TORRES, Justine Nicole V
1780 . TORRES-GERMAR, Nicolette Queency C
1781 . TORREÑA, Darlene D
1782 . TRANI, Vanessa P
1783 . TRAVERO, Beverly O
1784 . TREMOR, Jamor O
1785 . TRIA, January L
1786 . TRINIDAD, Frederico Luis P
1787 . TRINIDAD, Jay-ryan M
1788 . TRINIDAD, Michelle D
1789 . TUAZON, Roland Glenn T
1790 . TUCAY, Suzette A
1791 . TUMAPON, Amalou R
1792 . TUPAS, Arnel S
1793 . TURGANO, Samuel Rufino J
1794 . TURIANO, Fe Cecelia B
1795 . TURIAO, Aseria C
1796 . TURIJA-PALMOS, Blessie L
1797 . TURLA, Zandra A
1798 . TURQUEZA, Philander L
1799 . TUSAY, Roland F
1800 . TUTAY, Jenelyn R
1801 . TUVERA, Rafael P
1802 . UMALI, Dane-daniel O
1803 . UMALI, Mary Antonette B
1804 . UMALI, Melvin Niño A
1805 . URETA, Yen P
1806 . URIARTE, Ariane Krystel C
1807 . URRIQUIA, Joel C
1808 . USITA, Chanda D
1809 . USQUISA-BINARAO, Sheena G
1810 . USTAREZ, Jomarlli B
1811 . UY, Gino Paulo O
1812 . UY, Jan Reiner B
1813 . UY, Jean Marie L
1814 . UY, Jessamyn H
1815 . UY, Kathleen Sheelah T
1816 . UY, Melanie V
1817 . UY, Rosselle G
1818 . VAFLOR, June M
1819 . VALDERRAMA, Nico B
1820 . VALDEZ, Amiel Ian A
1821 . VALDEZ, Ethel Cristine S
1822 . VALDEZ, Halleck A
1823 . VALDEZ, Jesus Victor B
1824 . VALDEZ, Michelle B
1825 . VALENCIA, Harvy Brian H
1826 . VALENCIANO, Melanie B
1827 . VALERIO-MORADA, Esmeralda M
1828 . VALERO, Frederick L
1829 . VALIENTE, Jonathan B
1830 . VALMADRID, Benedict J
1831 . VANGUARDIA, Maria Ester B
1832 . VAPOROSO, Melvin O
1833 . VARGAS, Sheryl I
1834 . VARGAS, Tirso O
1835 . VARGAS, Zionelle Anne P
1836 . VEGA, Beatrice Aurora A
1837 . VEGIM, Remedios T
1838 . VELMONTE, Marinel L
1839 . VELOS, Sherrymae O
1840 . VENTURA, Maria Theresa Vivian L
1841 . VERGA-FRANCISCO, Ana Maria Q
1842 . VERGANIO, Evelyn D
1843 . VERSOZA, Earl A
1844 . VERZOSA, Mel John I
1845 . VERZOSA, Vida Soraya S
1846 . VERZOSA, JR., Rodolfo L
1847 . VICARIO, III, Pascasio Joshua Maria H
1848 . VICENTE, Jaclyn C
1849 . VICTA, John Paul Allen M
1850 . VIDAD, Frianne M
1851 . VIDAMO, Patricia A
1852 . VIERNES-AGRA, Margee Flor C
1853 . VIGO, Angeli A
1854 . VILLA, Antoniña P
1855 . VILLA, Francis Christopher Duane E
1856 . VILLACORTA, Vlademir E
1857 . VILLALON, Benedict C
1858 . VILLAMOR, Kenneth N
1859 . VILLANOBOS, Raul S
1860 . VILLANUEVA, Aida Rose E
1861 . VILLANUEVA, Gilda May E
1862 . VILLANUEVA, Lovey Lady L
1863 . VILLANUEVA, Maria Margarita M
1864 . VILLANUEVA, Maylene B
1865 . VILLANUEVA, Patricia Aurora V
1866 . VILLANUEVA, Raissa C
1867 . VILLANUEVA, Roberto P
1868 . VILLAR, Benedicto C
1869 . VILLAREAL, Cindy Marie R
1870 . VILLARICA, Michelle Marie F
1871 . VILLARIN, Vernard M
1872 . VILLARIN, JR., Ernesto O
1873 . VILLARUEL, Alwyn Franz P
1874 . VILLEGAS, Lope Jerry S
1875 . VILLONCO, Nicolo T
1876 . VILLORDON, Loverhette Jeffrey P
1877 . VINIEGRA, IV, Fernando A
1878 . VIRAY, Josephine Joy L
1879 . VIRTUDAZO, JR., Gerberto B
1880 . VIRTUDEZ, Marie Kristel D
1881 . VISTA, Ferdinand Y
1882 . VISTE, JR., Salvador B
1883 . VITUG, Jan Allyson C
1884 . VIÑAS, Laarni Victoria Q
1885 . WANG, Richard P
1886 . WILSON, Joan Grace G
1887 . WISCO, Xindy Ireen R
1888 . WOODEN, JR., Anthony A
1889 . YADAO, Rominagrace A
1890 . YANO, Julius A
1891 . YANQUILING, Rhomir S
1892 . YAP, Angeles A
1893 . YAP, Edith C
1894 . YAP, Jefferson B
1895 . YAP, Niquee Louise A
1896 . YAP, JR., Warren B
1897 . YASAY, Francisa P
1898 . YATCO, Nancy Allen L
1899 . YLAGAN, Maynard Eugenio C
1900 . YONGCO, Farrah L
1901 . YU, Ahmed Joseph D
1902 . YU, Daphne E
1903 . YU, Kristina S.
1904 . ZABALA, Erik B
1905 . ZABLAN, Miguel Antonio G
1906 . ZAFRA, Mac Lord O
1907 . ZAMBALES, John Michael U
1908 . ZAMORA, Ma. Kristina S
1909 . ZAMORA, Maria Regina C
1910 . ZORILLA, Doming L
1911 . ZULUETA, Alysha Grace M
1912 . ZULUETA, Jose Bismark F
1913 . ZUÑIGA, Joseph Brian R
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