Thursday, September 12, 2019

The release of "Janet Lim Napoles"

Janet "Jenny" Luy Lim-Napoles (born Janet Lim y Luy; January 15, 1964) is a businesswoman who is believed to have masterminded the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) Scam. She was convicted of plunder for her involvement in the PDAF Scam and is facing charges for alleged involvement in the misuse of the Malampaya fund for disaster response operations.

Alleged pork barrel scam queen "Janet Lim Napoles" was among the inmates released due to the good conduct time allowance (GCTA) law, according to the list submitted by the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) to the Senate.

Based on records, the "Janet Lim Napoles" released in the list was not the one facing plunder trial and detained at the Correctional Institution for Women.  Instead, the one release in November 2018 was convicted for rape.

On the list, the charge attached to Napoles was rape, not plunder.

Sen. Richard Gordon, chair of the blue ribbon committee, said he was disappointed with the revelation.

ustice Undersecretary Deo Marco, who heads the committee responsible for reviewing activities at Bureau of Corrections (BuCor), said an investigation is underway.

"Either na nasa listahan talaga si Napoles hindi lang natuloy, or nagkamali sa encoding, especially, rape ang sinabing kaso d'yan ni Napoles. I will ask BuCor to explain," Marco said.

“There is an attempt to release as many people as they can, including Napoles,” he said, adding that he would raise the matter at Thursday’s resumption of the Senate hearing on Republic Act No. 10592 that he leads.

The good conduct law drew scrutiny from lawmakers for nearly benefiting rapist-killer Antonio Sanchez whose release on supposed good behavior was aborted amid public outrage.

Napoles was among 2,160 convicts serving time for heinous crimes but released on good conduct time allowance under the 2013 law.

A list from the Bureau of Corrections obtained by the Inquirer showed that a ‘Napoles, Janet y Lim,’ prisoner N211P-2332, was among “persons deprived of liberty” who were freed under the current administration.

Napoles was number 275 in the group of convicts charged with rape who were freed on Nov. 12, 2018.

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